Thursday, May 19

“My husband was an angel, until he raped me”: the battle of Egyptian women against marital rape

  • Wael Hussein
  • BBC News, El Cairo

A woman with one hand covering her mouth.

Image source, Getty Images


Many Egyptians experience sexual violence in the home.

Women in Egypt are determined to break the wall of silence that surrounds sexual abuse. His new target is marital rape, a subject that until recently has been taboo.

Attention: this article contains the description of episodes of sexual violence.

Safaa, 34, was raped by her husband on their wedding night. The assault caused injuries to his groin, wrist and mouth.

“I had my period and I was not ready to have sex that night,” he says. “My husband thought I was trying to avoid an intimate relationship with him. He beat me, handcuffed me, covered my mouth and raped me.”

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