Wednesday, December 1

“My position with Mingueza was a bit exaggerated”

  • “The change was not because I was angry with him,” says the coach

  • “I don’t think we are stronger than the other three teams fighting for the title.”

“The team was good in the first half, very focused. But in the second half less, we get complicated and it is unnecessary. It shows that when we slow down we get into trouble. You have to learn and make decisions from the doctors and the players. We were with one less when we received the goal from Getafe “. Thus has explained Ronald Koeman, the Barcelona coach, his attitude with Mingueza, whom he replaced angrily, although later he did not want to link it with his decision.

“The young people must learn that they must be in all the parties, perhaps my position with Mingueza has been something exaggerated”, has indicated the technician, also critical “with the doctors” and the own defense because they took too long in making the decision to return to the the field, which Getafe took advantage of to score the first goal.

“Mingueza is having a great season. It was a somewhat tactical problem. I spoke with him, there is no problem,” says Koeman

Then, he wanted to be much more specific: “The anger at Mingueza? There were plays back in which neither Araujo nor Óscar were good. The change has not been to get angry with Óscar,” the coach reiterated, indicating that the defender ” he’s having a great season. We have to play with 3 behind, he went too far on the wing, it’s a tactical thing. I talked to him, there’s no problem. “

“Pedri has not been at his level”

He has also indicated that “Pedri has not been at his level”, after acknowledging that Mingueza’s change “has not been to anger me because he is also having a great season but because he wanted De Jong on the other side and also Umtiti deserves minutes “.

In this regard, Koeman, who has enjoyed the best Messi, has indicated that Barça is no more favorite than Atlético, Madrid and Sevilla. “I don’t think we are stronger than the other three teams fighting for the title.”

Praise to Busquets

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Then he specified that “Busquets is playing well”, as he has shown, according to the coach, “with his pass to Leo since he is a very smart player. He is very important for this team because of his way of being, he is very, very professional. . It has a lot of quality. “

In that regard, Koeman has admitted that he is a coach who “does not usually play when things are going well”, in favor of maintaining a fixed base. “This is the best way to continue fighting for the League.”

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