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“My son, do not go”: the sad goodbye to Giovanny, the boy who died in the tragedy of the Metro in Mexico

The family of Giovanny said goodbye this Wednesday at an emotional funeral to the 13-year-old boy who died in the collapse of the bridge on Line 12 of the Mexico City metro, who was identified as deceased after several hours of searching.

The wake took place inside the humble family home, located in the Tláhuac mayor’s office, in the south of the capital, where the minor’s small white coffin was exposed, along with white flowers and a photo of Giovanny very smiling.

Photo: EFE

Among laments, his relatives remembered him as a happy boy, who liked soccer and wanted to learn how to cook tacos.

Giovanny is the only minor of the 25 fatalities who so far has left the tragic accident of the capital metro, for which 38 people are still hospitalized and three days of official mourning have been decreed.

Photo: EFE

The tragedy occurred on Monday night when yielded a beam from an elevated bridge of line 12, between Olivos and Tezonco stations, in the southeast of the capital, causing the fall of a train with passengers that was stranded in the shape of a “V”.

The case of the minor, who was traveling on the subway with his mother’s sentimental partner, was emblematic, since his mother and grandmother were looking for him all night without rest among the ruins of the accident and in the hospitals in the area.

Photo: EFE

Although they found the adult admitted to a medical center, they did not find a trace of Giovanny, for which the Prosecutor’s Office issued a search alert until his body was identified in the morgue on Tuesday night.

Dozens of relatives and neighbors were at the wake, in which Giovanny’s mother rushed crying on top of the coffin while crying out disconsolately: “My son, don’t go”.

Photo: EFE

The minor’s loved ones gave him a final applause, sang a truncheon, and took out the coffin amid shouts of “Justice” to deposit it in the hearse.

The procession left the house, half built and located in an area of ​​dirt roads and irregular settlements, to go to the San Lorenzo Tezonco cemetery, where he was buried.

Photo: EFE

This pantheon is located just a few meters from the place where Giovanny lost his life when he returned that tragic night with his mother’s partner from the restaurant where he helped wash dishes.

The minor called his mother just two stations after the accident, telling her that he was already home. On television they learned that a train had crashed and the search began for almost 24 hours.

“It was very painful, when his mother told me he was dead I couldn’t believe it. I still had hope of finding him in a hospital but unfortunately I found him dead “Pedro Hernández, Giovanny’s father, explained to the press.

With a broken voice, the father demanded that “This is clarified and justice done.”

Photo: EFE

Line 12 of the metro, inaugurated in 2012 as the great work of the then mayor and current Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, has been involved in controversy from the beginning.

The train ended up costing much more than was promised and between 2014 and 2015 part of its operations were suspended due to numerous failures.

In addition, neighbors had reported damage to the bridge after the powerful earthquake of September 19, 2017.

The mayor of the capital announced that a Norwegian company will be responsible for an independent investigation of what happened in the greatest tragedy in the city since the earthquake.

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