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My son has ADHD, do I sign him up for extracurricular activities?

My son has ADHD, do I sign him up for extracurricular activities?

The extracurricular activities They are beneficial as long as they are chosen wisely and in the right measure so as not to burden and stress children, who have to find in them a way of escape, fun and knowledge.

In the case of hyperactive childrenAfter-school activities should help you maintain positive self-esteem as the life of a child with ADHD is full of little experiences of failure that accumulate throughout the day. If we find the correct activity, the child will feel that in this area things are going well for him, even if he stands out above his peers in something, it will bring him greater comfort about himself, a push that fills him with joy.

Must avoid those extracurricular activities that require so much self-control how the school does it; the most suitable will be those that enhance their abilities. If necessary, resort to individual activities rather than group activities so that the child with ADHD does not feel more pressured.

Benefits of extracurricular activities for a child with ADHD

The physical exercise it is always beneficial as it helps to release extra energy, improves coordination, agility, balance. With sport, children learn rules, to accept frustrations, to have self-discipline. It also helps develop patience and self-control.

Sports that can be beneficial: basketball, soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball … If you see that your child does not like team activities, try an individual one such as swimming, cycling, martial arts.

If the child does not like sports because it generates more anxiety, there are other artistic or creative extracurriculars that can motivate you much more. Play an instrument, dance, paint, play theater, do crafts … these types of disciplines enhance creativity, imagination, skills … They help transform stress into creative energy, develop patience and self-control and the child learns to accept criticism.

When it comes to reinforce some specific area in which children have a deficit (some language or subject) is advisable complement this extracurricular activity with some other to help you vent.

Activities should increase self-esteem, never worsen it

Whichever activity you choose, make sure your child is making good progress. You may have to change activities if you notice that the child is not comfortable, is overwhelmed, they do not enjoy it.

Don’t try to force him. The activities you do have to help you increase your self-esteem, in no case make it worse. Talk to the coach or teacher to explain what your child’s attitude is and how he evolves in the extracurricular activity he develops.

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