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My teenager only wants money for Christmas, should I give him something else?

Christmas is coming and it is time to think about gifts for our relatives and loved ones. When it comes to our sons and daughters teenagers We find some difficulties when it comes to knowing what to give them. And it is that many times they do not ask us for gifts, but only money.

It is normal for this situation to occur. In adolescence, they want to be independent, to do things on their own without the supervision of their parents, although they are still financially dependent on them. But Is it good that we give them money for Christmas or should we give them other gifts?

Christmas money to teens: yes or no?

Giving money for Christmas to teenage sons and daughters is very common for both parents and grandparents. This act has two sides of the coin: it can be beneficial if our children receive pay beforehand and have an already consolidated financial education, but it can be harmful if our children have never received pay or do not know how to manage their money.

The pay is an educational tool that educates our children financially and helps them know how to manage their money. This payment must always be given according to their age and must be fixed. With this payment they begin to manage their money, to wait for the reward and not to get carried away by immediacy. In addition, with it they will learn the logical consequences of spending money quickly: they will have to wait until the following week to have more.

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So if we decide to give our teenagers money for Christmas when they have already received pay and know how to manage their money, This can be an incentive for them to keep saving so they can buy something they want.

If we have not paid them and they do not know how to manage their money, giving them money for Christmas can be an act that leads them to spend it all in the same day, so they will not learn how to use this money for their benefit.

What to do then?

On the one hand, for Christmas we can offer them as a gift the amount of money that we consider, as long as they know how to manage it, and we must also accompany it with a gift.

On the other hand, if they do not know how to manage their money, we are not going to give them an amount of money as a gift, but we can suggest that from then on they will receive a weekly amount of money as payment so that they can administer and manage it at your way. In addition to this symbolic gift, we must accompany it with some other gift.

When it comes to buying gifts for teenagers, if we are a little lost with their tastes, we can help ourselves with the rule of the 4 gifts:

  1. Something that works to carry out (for example clothes, shoes or accessories).

  2. Something that they wish.

  3. Something for read.

  4. And something that they need it really.

To think of something they want, we can approach their hobbies and give them something related to them. We can also find a way to communicate with them and ask them about something they like or directly buy the gift together.

Likewise, we can encourage the whole family to write the letter to the Three Wise Men, including fathers and mothers, so that it is a joint activity that can unite the family.

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