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“My uncles were not criminals. It is fair that they replace the plaque »




When the municipal workers began to screw up the first plaques dedicated to the García Noblejas brothers at the beginning of the street, near the confluence with Alcalá, early yesterday morning, their descendants rested peacefully. “They said that my uncles were war criminals. Is a lie. Carmena’s commissioner’s report was false. Besides, not everyone was on the same side: my uncle Jesús was shot by Franco. It is fair that they replace the street. Two sentences prove us right,” José Antonio García-Noblejas, one of the direct descendants affected by the illegal change of the street map undertaken by the government of Now Madrid, tells ABC and now shows his “satisfaction”: “It was a matter of dignity family. We are happy».

Manuela Carmena’s team tried to put an end to some vestiges of the street in the capital that they considered to be Francoist, taking advantage of the Historical Memory Law promoted by the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. But the committee of experts appointed for this task made several big mistakes. The TSJM thus ratified it last May through various rulings that annulled the elimination of tributes to the Fallen of the Blue Division (Chamartín), The Algaban (Hortaleza), Cyril Martin Martin (Moncloa-Aravaca), Asensio Cabanillas (Chamberí),
Millán Astray (Latina), Balearic Islands Cruise (Puente de Vallecas) and Hermanos García Noblejas (Ciudad Lineal).

When José Luis Martínez-Almeida assumed the baton of command in Cibeles, he chose not to appeal the judicial decisions, in the face of the blundering rulings indicated by the TSJM, which meant that the rulings acquired firmness without further delay. Thus, on August 24, the plates of Maestra Justa Freire were replaced by those of Millán Astray, the previous nomenclature, in homage to the founder of the Legion. In turn, José Rizal street was once again dedicated to the Algabeño bullfighter on October 27.

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Yesterday, as ABC was able to confirm, not only was García Noblejas reinstated, but the Balearic Cruise also appears in Puente de Vallecas instead of Barco Sinaia. Once these two changes have been completed, the process of replacing the street map will have ended, since the badges of the Fallen of the Blue Division and Cirilo Martín were not eliminated because their descendants filed a legal complaint so that the plates would not be touched until that there be a final sentence.

“Lack of motivation”

Having participated in the Blue Division was the reason why the commissioner singled out the García Noblejas brothers. For the TSJM magistrates, the three lines that the Historical Memory Commissioner dedicated to justifying the elimination of the tribute to the García Noblejas Brothers in Ciudad Lineal suffered from “lack of sufficient motivation.”

For his relatives, that the street map of Madrid once again bears the name of his ancestors “is a moral triumph in the face of an injustice resulting from a sectarian law, and the irresponsibility of a city council that for ideological reasons changed the name of a street because of a whim”.

On the other hand, those affected stress, “we must not forget that, in addition to reopening wounds, the change in the name of the street has harmed hundreds of residents and numerous merchants and small businessmen who have had to label and change their address in a street that occupies 5 kilometers in length”, affects one of the direct nephews, who asks that they stop “removing history to rewrite it 80 years later”.

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