Monday, October 18

Myanmar: Why did the military decide to take power now and what can be expected in the near future?

A man prays on the outskirts of Sule Paya in downtown Yangon, Myanmar.


The Burmese army detained several politicians hours before the Parliament session.

A decade after handing over power to a civilian government, the Myanmar military announced on Monday that it had once again taken over the reins of the country.

It is a new coup that has brought back memories, in addition to causing fear in a country that, before beginning its democratic transition a decade ago, endured almost 50 years of governments led by oppressive military regimes.

The arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi and other politicians brought to mind those days that many Burmese believed they had left behind.

Suu Kyi and her party, the National League of Democracy (NLD), led the country for the past five years after being elected in 2015, in the freest and fairest election the country had experienced in 25 years.

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