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Myths & Health Facts Does vitamin C cure colds? Does a scare remove the hiccups? …

There are too many blunt claims in the health world and hardly anyone wonders how much truth is in them.

But the reality is that while some are more or less reliable, others do not make sense and others are very absurd, although almost all have their history.

That is why we are going to try to shed little by little the credibility of those things that we have surely heard from time to time.

Vitamin C in orange juice is lost if not consumed immediately

This is the idea that our mothers have instilled in us generation after generation: “Take the juice soon, if you don’t lose the vitamins.” But studies show that vitamin C is preserved in juice for several hours. Of course, with the passage of time the taste becomes more bitter and the possibility of bacteria growth increases.

Taking vitamin C cures or prevents colds

Vitamin C is a source of energy against fatigue and tiredness, but it does not ‘cure’ a cold. What it does do is strengthen our immune system and increase our defenses. Without a doubt, something essential to recover from a flu or catarrhal process.

A scare removes the hiccups

Hiccups are the result of spasms of the diaphragm, a respiratory muscle that transmits the typical sound to the vocal cords. It can appear from eating fast, from bloating or even from anxiety. There are no studies that confirm that a good scare removes the hiccups so

But what does seem effective, according to two researchers from the Gloucester and Worcester hospitals, is pressing your ears with your fingers while sipping water through a straw, holding your breath, drinking water without breathing, or lying on your back and bringing your knees to the floor. chest to close the diaphragm.

Snoring is harmless

For many years snoring was considered normal, and beyond the discomfort it caused our bed partner, they did not pose any problem. It was even considered an indicator of deep sleep. But today we know that this is not the case.

Snoring occurs because air is passing into our lungs with difficulty, and if we let the problem progress we can develop obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, saos. The main risk factors are being overweight, drinking too much alcohol, and smoking.

Sleeping five or six hours is enough

Today we know that we do not sleep to rest but to repair tissues. And if we sleep less than 6 hours our brain slows down throughout the day.

The ideal according to experts is 8 hours of sleep on a regular schedule. but history is full of examples of geniuses who did not exceed five hours of sleep.

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Leonardo Da Vinci, for example, slept 20 minutes every 4 hours. Thomas Edisson followed suit by adding one more hour. musical genius Wolfang Mozart slept only five hours.

In contrast, we have the case of Albert Einstein, who slept no more and no less than ten hours a day, and took advantage of them very well. So much so that the theory of relativity occurred to him dreaming of electrocuted cows.

In this way he made sure not to exceed the second of sleep. But the case of these geniuses is peculiar and unique. What we do know is that with age the natural tendency is to need less sleep.

Brown sugar is healthier than white

It is not true that it is healthier, and in terms of composition there is no difference. the difference occurs when refining them, when a part of the sucrose caramelizes, called molasses, and leaves that characteristic brown color.

So both share 98% composition, and even if there were mineral vitamins left in that part of molasses, the amount would be too little to make a substantial difference.

If it hasn’t been on the ground for 5 seconds, you can eat it

According to this rule, if a piece of food falls on the ground and is picked up within 5 seconds there is no risk of food contamination. Science has studied this popular belief and has determined that everything depends on four variables: the dirt and porosity of the soil, the type of food, the time elapsed and the type of bacteria. The moister the food, the greater the risk of transfer. Salmonella spreads quickly. And the studies revealed that 48-70% bacteria were found in foods that fell on tiles and wood, while those that fell on carpets only 1%. Eating chocolate makes you break out

It could be, since foods that give high spikes in blood glucose, such as chocolate or pastries, can aggravate an outbreak in people with acne.

But if we stick only to cocoa, the reality is that it does not affect acne. What’s more, the amount of antioxidants in this product could even improve it.

Drinking alcohol before bed helps you fall asleep

Well, the reality is that it is not a good idea. It is true that having a glass of wine or liquor before going to sleep can lead to a feeling of drowsiness.

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It may even work initially as a sedative. But then it modifies the sleep cycles and makes it fragmented and poor quality sleep.

See the specialist’s recommendations for better sleep »

If after eating we do not wait a couple of hours to bathe, our digestion will be cut off

digestion Many of us have grown up with the belief that bathing within two or three hours after eating could cause us to ‘cut off digestion’.

But this term is not actually recognized as a clinical entity.

What we are really talking about is the hydrocution syndrome, which occurs when abruptly in contact with cold water.

The French military doctor G Lartinguer was the first to study it in 1962 and defined it as the brutal blow of cold water on the human body.

The symptoms are nausea and loss of consciousness and, of course, if the person is alone in the water they can drown. But it can also occur unrelated to food.

What does favor its appearance is that the water temperature is less than 27 degrees, or that there is a difference between the body temperature and that of the water of more than 5 degrees, and of course, the abruptness of the immersion.

There is also a relationship between suffering from the syndrome and doing very strenuous activities before diving into the water, or eating a very large meal. Having said all this, it is recommended to enter the water little by little so that we have time to get out if we experience any symptoms.

Whitening your teeth with baking soda and lemon works

This myth has an aggravating factor that makes it more dangerous: and that is that at the beginning of actually using it, the teeth look whiter. But the problem is that over time the enamel spoils, and that no longer recovers.

We should drink milk only when we are children

When we are children is when we have the most active enzyme capable of breaking down lactose. However, if we continue to drink milk, the enzyme will continue to be active in most people, so lactose intolerance will not occur and we can continue to take advantage of the nutritional benefits of this food.

Cough is a disease and must be eliminated

Not necessarily. Cases in which coughing is the main problem are very rare. It is a defense mechanism of the respiratory system to keep the airways clean and open.

If it were removed there would be retention of mucus, more obstruction of the airways and less oxygenation, increasing the risk of otitis and pneumonia.

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It can be treated if it is bothersome or very irritating.

Alcohol interferes with medications

They say that during the Second World War the toilets started the ‘legend’ that alcohol made antibiotics useless.

And they did it with the aim of avoiding the spread of venereal diseases. The reason was that penicillin, which was the most effective in combating these types of diseases, was enormously expensive. And thus they intended to keep the soldiers away from the mixture of sex and alcohol while consuming the medicine.

But the legend is not such as to the consequences, since the Mayo Clinic, for example, assures that the combination with alcohol can increase the side effects of antibiotics such as an upset stomach, dizziness and drowsiness.

And, in addition, alcohol and antibiotics are metabolized in the liver and compete with each other, which can slow down the effects of the antibiotic.

But the effectiveness is the same.

Cancer always hurts

Not always. The onset of pain depends on the location, extent, growth rate, tumor type, and previous health status, as well as factors such as a person’s tolerance for pain.

Eating carrots improves night vision

No, if we are healthy. But if we have problems due to lack of Vitamin A, they can help. And it is also important that since they have carotenes, they can prevent night blindness or loss of color vision.

Stress and emotional problems cause cancer or make it worse

Studies carried out do not find a relationship between stress and cancer. What is certain is that an optimistic character helps to cope with the disease and its treatment.

Antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of the birth control pill

No. There is no relationship between taking antibiotics and the pill for birth control.

Fever is a dangerous thing that we must treat

Fever is not a disease, it is a defense mechanism. But depending on its intensity and duration, it can cause serious injuries to our body, it must be treated.

The mentally ill are only adults

According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, half of the mentally ill show symptoms before their 14th birthday and three-quarters do so before the age of 24.

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