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Nadal, a jump in his trip to the sky of Paris



Whenever you win something Rafael Nadal The waterfall of data arrives, which never ceases to amaze. The following should be noted about Barcelona: the Balearic has already held 87 titles in his career and has Ivan Lendl relatively close (94), third in a list dominated by Jimmy Connors (109) and Roger Federer (103). From those 87 trophies61 have arrived on clay, no one has achieved that much. In addition, Barcelona is his fourteenth ATP 500. He has been 18 seasons (since 2004) with at least one title. And, not least, he jumps to second place in the ATP rankings and unseats Russian Daniil Medvedev, although Novak Djokovic remains very far (more than 2,000 points apart).

Nadal, who says he does not give importance to statistics despite knowing all his achievements and those of others by heart, was pure happiness after the beating. At the foot of the track, before the television cameras, he confessed with enthusiasm. «It is the same pleasure to be here once again with almost 35 years. Ten years earlier this was unthinkable. This title means a lot more to me when I play it with an audience after the year that we have been. The Mallorcan has managed to regulate the pandemic and it took him a lot to resume activity in 2020 after confinement, so much so that his team let him manage his times without forcing him to set up.

From this week, Nadal draws several conclusions and a certainty: Stefanos Tsitsipas is in a position to argue with anyone and even stand up to him on the ground, as few have demanded so much from him at the Godó. «Stefanos is an incredible rival, the number 1 of the year and knew how difficult this final was. The game had everything and it is a very important victory for me. I had two good options to win in the second set, but what is done is done, we have to accept mistakes and look forward, it is my way of thinking, only what lies ahead can be fixed, “Nadal summed up, complimented by the Greek. «Bravo, RafaI’m really jealous of you You have earned it, you deserve it, you are one of the great competitors in tennis and sport. You know I’m not the first to tell you. I congratulate you and your team. Tsitsipas also hit the key when it came to justifying the outcome: «Nadal always forces you to play one more ball, he always returns one more ball. I am not at the moment of having been able to analyze much, but Rafa hates losing more than any other tennis player ».

The Magic Box awaits

The roadmap leads Nadal to Mutua Madrid Open, a tournament that begins on Thursday 29 in its women’s team, but that will allow it to have a few lighter days because the boys will debut next weekend and Nadal, in almost all probability, will not play in the Caja Mágica until Wednesday the 5th. As usual, he will land in time in the capital to acclimatize to the height and the very special circumstances of a tournament that he has won five times, the last one in 2017. You can, of course, enjoy an audience that venerates you since the event It will be held with a 40% capacity.

Later, if the established plan is maintained, the already number two of the world He will go to Rome, another of his paradises. There are nine notches in the Foro Italico, from where he came out disappointed last year in that version adapted to the circumstances. It was played in September and lost in the quarterfinals to Diego Schwartzman after 200 days of inactivity.

And to top off the European clay tour, Paris, always Paris. From May 31 to June 13, Nadal has the most important tournament of the season and that can boost him as the greatest tennis player of all time. He is currently tied with Roger Federer, both with 20, and winning Roland Garros for the fourteenth time has a special value.

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