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Nadal ends the season: “I need to take some time”

“I need time to rest”, has communicated Rafael Nadal this Friday to announce his decision to end the season due to the injury that has dragged on his left foot for 15 years, which in recent times has reappeared causing pain that prevents him from playing at his best tennis level.

Having given up playing at Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics because of that injury, Nadal He has tried to return to the circuit on the American tour, in which he has only been able to play two games in the first tournament in Washington where he reappeared but was subsequently forced to withdraw from the Masters 1,000 in Toronto and Cincinnati and, finally, announce that he would not be at the US Open (starts August 30).

“After having discussed it with the team and family, this decision has been made and I believe that it is the way forward to try to recover and recover well,” he valued Nadal.

“It’s a year that I’ve missed things that matter a lot to me, like Wimbledon, how are the Olympics, how is going to be now US Open, like many other events that are also important to me. And in view of the fact that during this last year I have not had the ability to train and prepare and compete in the way that I really like to do it, because I come to the conclusion that what I need is time to recover, “he added.

Müller-Weiss syndrome

Nadal suffers from an injury known as the Müller-Weiss syndrome, a congenital injury produced by the deformation of the scaphoid of the foot, a bone in which multiple tendinous and ligamentous structures are inserted.

TO Nadal They detected this problem in 2005 and some of the doctors consulted warned him that it could prevent him from playing professional tennis, but thanks to custom insoles he saved the problem.

In his statement on social networks, the tennis player emphasized that injury. “You have to try to understand what has been the evolution of their foot in recent times. It is not a new injury, it is an injury that I have had since 2005 and that has not prevented me from developing my sports career during all these years. It is true that I have been for a while that things are not going as they should, as we would all like, and it is time to make decisions, seek a slightly different type of treatment to find a solution to this problem or at least improve in the face of be able to continue to have options for years to come. “

Living with the pain

At 35 years old, Nadal He has lived with pain since the beginning of his career. In 2004 the scaphoid of the left foot was fissured, where in 2005 the necrosis of the bone was detected that has dragged on since then and that now causes problems again.

It is not the first time that Nadal has been forced to stop for so long. The former number 1 has seen how that foot injury, solved so far with the insoles, has led to knee problems. In 2009, a painful tendonitis that affected him in his first loss at Roland Garros although it did not prevent him from recovering to return to number 1 in 2010 winning Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open.

A patellar tendon rupture of his knee would leave him out of combat again that year at the end of the season, without being able to participate in the 2012 London Olympics, where he was going to be the standard-bearer, without being able to reappear until the following season.

The long rest allowed him to recover physically to face in 2013, which would be, so far, his best season winning 10 titles, including Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open to finish the year as world number 1 but in 2014 he suffered a back injury in a final of the Australian Open that he lost with Stan wawrinka and a new way of the cross began.

In 2015, Nadal suffered a sports slump due to anxiety problems and in 2016 a small wrist fissure forced him to leave at Roland Garros.

But for the third time Nadal was reborn to return to number 1 in 2017, winning six tournaments, including Roland Garros and the US Open, a success that he repeated in 2019 where he finished the year again as number 1 for the fifth time in his career, to equalize in 2020 Roger Federer with 20 Grand Slams, in an atypical season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Djokovic, he stands alone

The low of Nadal one by one Federer that a week ago he announced his retirement to undergo surgery for the third time for his left knee discomfort. The absence of the two tennis players leaves Novak Djokovic as the only representative of the ‘Big Three’ at the United States Open, where the current world number 1 is presented as the great favorite to win the title and get the 21st Grand Slam of his career , beating Federer and Nadal.

If the Serbian tennis player succeeds, he will be the first to win the big four in a season since the Australian Rod Laver he last achieved it in 1969.

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