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Nadal leaves the Laver Cup and focuses on his personal situation

Rafa Nadal celebrates an action from the Laver Cup doubles match with Roger Federer / Reuters

Laver Cup

The Spaniard, who is expecting his first child, went to London just to accompany his friend Federer

“I couldn’t miss this day,” said an emotional Rafael Nadal, while dropping that his only reason for traveling to London was to be present at Roger Federer’s farewell and that once it was over he would return to Manacor, where his wife She will give birth to her first child in the coming weeks.

“I’m not well. It’s been difficult weeks, with little sleep and a little stress in general. Situations a little more complicated than usual at home. I have had to deal with a different pressure than you are used to in professional life. Luckily, everything is fine, we are much calmer and in that sense I have been able to come here, which was important to me, “Nadal told the media in London.

The Spaniard, who participated in the doubles match that ended Federer’s career, underlined how important it was for the Swiss that one of his greatest rivals was present at his side at the Laver Cup.

“I have a fairly close personal relationship for a long time. The fact of being on the Players’ Council also means that we have to talk about things weekly and I haven’t retired yet, but I know that when you’ve been with injuries for a long time, that you don’t see the end, it’s frustrating and in that sense for It’s been difficult times for him, with recoveries that take a long time, a lot of mental effort and in the end you realize that you don’t make it. That he was able to retire on the track was very important to him and I could not miss this day », he explained.

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Nadal and Federer prepare to return a ball during their doubles match. /


The compliments were answered by Federer: «It makes me very happy where our relationship is today, that I can call Rafa and talk about anything. I think he feels the same way. We enjoy each other’s company and have many memories, but we also like to spend time together. I feel like, every time we spend an afternoon together, we lack time, ”reflected the Swiss.

calendar in the air

The tears of both tennis players, broken on the bench, exemplify a relationship that has barely suffered friction in 18 years of rivalry and that has crossed the barriers of tennis to become the living image of friendship between athletes.

“I’m a pretty sensitive person. I’m not worried either (having burst into tears on the track). Crying is good sometimes. You need to let go of these emotions. With Federer’s departure, a part of my life is gone. I feel that, when he leaves, a part of me also leaves, ”explained the man from Manacor.

“We have been very connected especially in the last ten years. I think it has been since I had children. I don’t know if that has helped me or changed me in any way or if our rivalry has evolved, clarified Federer, who merged into a hug with Nadal at the end of the joint press conference in which Bjorn Borg did not want to be present, to leave the leading role to the “Fedal” duo.

With Nadal’s departure to Manacor, his calendar for the end of the season is up in the air. He has no scheduled tournaments, beyond the fact that he is qualified for the Turin ATP Finals, the title that is missing in his showcase and that this year will be played from November 13 to 20.

« Today what I want is to get back to normality, that the personal issue continues well, which is the highest priority, and then organize my life in the right way. I want to have peace of mind in my personal and professional life,” Nadal said.

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