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Nadal, Messi, Carolina Marín and the Gasol Foundation receive the Values ​​of Sports awards from Prensa Ibérica

  • The delivery gala was held last night without an audience, broadcast by Gol TV and through the digital editions of all the newspapers of the editorial group

The gala Sports Values ​​Awards, organized by the sports newspaper Sport and Iberian Press, has been faithful to its annual appointment, although in this edition it has had to modify its format due to the pandemic of coronavirus. Despite logistical difficulties, and complying with all health protocols, the act that distinguishes athletes not because of their triumphs but because of their values ​​was held last night and could be followed through Gol TV and the digital editions of all the publications of the Iberian Press group.

At the gala conducted, as usual, by the journalist Olga Visa, the 10 awards were given to the 10 athletes and entities chosen in this edition: Rafael Nadal (Male values), Carolina Marin (Feminine Values), Leo Messi (International Values), the Gasol Foundation, of the brothers Pau and Marc Gasol (Valores Solidario), Xavi Hernandez (Legend Values), Aíto García Reneses (Coach Values) and Diego Méntrida (Values ​​to the Sporting Gesture). The three major international cycling rounds (Vuelta, Giro and Tour) took the Values ​​award for the Sports Event, while Valencia Basket received the Values ​​award from the Sports Club. Finally, the Extraordinary Values ​​award went to Juan Carlos Unzué for his fight against ELA. These ten winners thus obtained a deserved recognition after such a special and difficult year for all of them.

Civic values

The president of the Prensa Ibérica group, Javier Moll, regretted in his speech that this year the third edition of the Values ​​Gala could not be organized with the public due to the pandemic and thanked Gol TV for its collaboration in bringing the awards to all homes on the night of the Twelfths. Moll indicated that these awards recognize “the merits of Sport with capital letters, the sport that personify those who, beyond their successes in competition, earn our affection, our respect and our admiration for their moral contribution to society and their civic values. In a year like this, with so much suffering, so much pain and so many difficulties, we value his exemplary character more than ever ”.

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And he added: “In this gala we reward, for their values ​​and for their actions, great sports idols -many of them, well-known faces- for being who they are: great athletes and also great people. But, in a year in which destiny has put us to the test with a crisis as unexpected as it is undesirable, I would like the tribute to the winners tonight to be symbolically shared with the thousands and thousands of athletes who, known or unknown by the great public, have continued to strive, even in the hardest months of quarantine, for that great passion that is sport “.

For his part, the director of Sport, Albert saez, stressed that, despite the difficulties arising from the coronavirus pandemic, both the newspaper and Prensa Ibérica have wanted to hold the Values ​​awards gala. “This year these awards make more sense than ever. The Sport newspaper is one of the leaders in Spain for sports information and throughout the year we devote a lot of energy to explaining the triumphs and defeats of Spanish and international athletes. But these awards were born to recognize athletes who show values, which go beyond their victories on the fields or on the courts, and that deserve to be applauded by all of us who love sports, ”said Sáez.

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