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Nadal premieres ‘Construiendo Campeones’, a docuseries about his Academia de Manacor

With only 5 years of history, the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar has already managed to crown young tennis players as Daniel Rincon, recent champion of the US Open junior and one of the protagonists of ‘Building Champions‘, to documentary of four chapters that will be released this Friday, September 17 on the platforms of Prime Video and Movistar +.

Nadal has opened the doors of his training center for new talents so that the viewer can feel first-hand what day-to-day life is like at the facilities of Manacor.

“I am very clear that I am going to target my son here,” he points out. Roger Federer in the documentary, in which he talks about Nadal as one of the people who has inspired him the most during his career. The Swiss, which also adds 20 Grand Slams like the manacorí (and like Djokovic), attended the inauguration of this project created in 2016.

Nadal’s values

The Rafa Nadal Academy, which has already propelled ATP tennis players like Jaume munar or number 10 in the ranking, Casper ruud, was born with the essential objective of educating through sport through academic programs that affect human development and the comprehensive training of young players who come there from all over the world.

The project combines high performance sports teaching and school teaching in order to train them as tennis players and people, thus following the values ​​of their own Rafa What companionship, humility and the importance of being grateful to others, pillars in this morning’s presentation of the feature film.

The docuseries will premiere in Prime Video in more than 240 countries and it will feature testimonies from the people who work with Rafa, taking this ambitious sports center forward. The Academy tennis director, his uncle Toni Nadal, the former world number 1 Carlos Moya OR Carlos Costa (Top 10 of the ATP and member of the Board of the Academy) will be some of the characters that will break down the main aspects of this training methodology, with physical and mental advice decisive in the growth of the player.

Medical centers, nutritionists, physical trainers or psychologists are some of the professionals in charge of the proper development of these students, who with sacrifice and effort have the dream of achieving the feats of the Balearic Islands. “I’m excited to see young people fighting for their dreams and telling me that in the future they want to be like me,” says Rafa.

All of them will also intervene in the eight chapters of a podcast about the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar that will premiere on the platform Audible. The radio content will be destined to cover the details of the most explicit conversations, and not so much in the technification of young people. Additionally, Movistar + will release this content through #Let’s go, the platform’s exclusive multisport channel, with the first chapter of the docuseries next Friday for its entire customer base, releasing the successive chapters every Friday from that date, also being available for consumption on demand.

Left foot improvements

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“It is a great personal satisfaction. It has been 5 years since the inauguration but many more of previous work. I hope that all the people who pass through here have a good memory, a great learning and a better experience,” Nadal commented in the presentation of the docuserie, who has been seen without crutches but with a slight limp. “I’m fine. I would like to be better but I want to get over it and face the following challenges that are presented to mehe said after recently undergoing treatment on his left foot.

“Tennis is a sport of defeats. You have to learn to live with it and only some understand it, mentally it is difficult to accept,” Rafa instructs during the event. “I want our way of working, training young people and reaching people to be reflected in a more direct way,” he concluded in response to what expectations he has with the launch of this audiovisual product, which he hopes “will be good for Manacor , and for everyone “.

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