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Nadia Calviño makes a stop in Cáceres to visit the Helga de Alvear

Nadia Calviño, this Saturday at the Helga de Alvear Museum. / TODAY

The first vice president of the Government, passionate about culture, toured the contemporary art museum this Saturday and enjoyed a guided tour of the facilities

Maria Jose Torrejon

The Helga de Alvear Museum in Cáceres adds a new name to its list of outstanding visitors. The First Vice President of the Government of Spain and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, visited the facilities on Pizarro Street this Saturday. According to what she has been able to know in this diary, she has done it on a private visit. She is a great fan of culture, she had been told very well about the contemporary art center and she decided to make a stop in the capital of Cáceres to see the museum.

Calviño toured the facilities designed by Emilio Tuñón like any other tourist. And he was able to enjoy a guided tour of the interior of the facilities. Both the museum and the minister herself have echoed this stop on their respective social networks. “We have had the pleasure of receiving the visit of Nadia Calviño (…) Culture and contemporary art from all and for all from Cáceres”, Helga de Alvear published this Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, this Sunday Calviño has given an account on Twitter of his visit to several museums in the country, among which is the Helga de Alvear. «In these days I have been able to visit extraordinary museums and monuments. I want to sincerely thank the work of Clara, Iván, Ana and all the people who care for, study and spread our great heritage with love, passion and professionalism », he has written.

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other personalities

It must be remembered that the Helga de Alvear Museum has become a benchmark for contemporary art and architecture (this is confirmed by the multiple awards it has received). That is why it is not surprising that it receives the visit of relevant personalities from the world of culture, politicians and familiar faces. The architects Norman Foster and Rafael Moneo, the artists Ai Weiwei or Thomas Hirschhorn, the writer Ian Gibson or the filmmaker Isabel Coixet have been some of the names that have passed through the facilities, since the new museum opened its doors in Cáceres on February 25, 2021 after undergoing an ambitious and successful expansion.

They have also been seen Miquel Iceta, Minister of Culture; the German ambassador, Wolfgang Dold; and the writer and presenter Boris Izaguirre, among others. The inauguration of the expansion was attended by the King and Queen of Spain, Felipe and Letizia.

So far this summer, the museum and its promoter have been honored with two awards. On the one hand, the World Heritage Cities Group, of which Cáceres is a part, has awarded the German collector the 2023 Heritage award, which Helga will receive in November, when the capital of Cáceres will host the group’s next meeting .

Previously, the recognition was for the building, which has already become one of the most recognizable silhouettes of the city and has been an unprecedented turning point for Camino Llano street. The Tuñón Arquitectos studio has won the New Bauhaus award, granted by the Superior Council of the Colleges of Architects of Spain (CSCAE) for the extension of the museum. Calviño chose this façade, the one that opens onto Camino Llano street with its characteristic white columns, to immortalize the visit to Cáceres.


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