Friday, June 18

Nagorno Karabakh: how Russia and Turkey became the winners of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict

  • Alexander Gabuev
  • Carnegie Moscow Center


Azerbaijanis have been celebrating victory after the end of the conflict, but two regional powers also managed to advance their interests.

A bloody six-week war in Nagorno-Karabakh has ended after the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia signed a peace agreement negotiated by Moscow. As the dust settles, Azerbaijan appears to be the clear winner, while Armenia has suffered a bitter defeat.

However, there are two other powers that have benefited from the conflict and the resolution effort: Turkey and Russia.

For Turkey, the war in Karabakh was a showcase displaying Ankara’s growing role in the strategically important South Caucasus.

The Turkish army supplied, trained and supported the victorious Azerbaijani army. Some reports suggest that Turkish officials played a key role directing drone strikes that played a decisive role in this conflict, although Ankara has denied this.

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