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Nagusi TV Agenda is launched, an online television channel aimed at the elderly | Society


Basque government


In its second program, the channel has addressed unwanted loneliness and the conclusions and contributions collected will serve to nurture the future Inter-Institutional Plan against this reality.

The Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies of the Basque Government has launched Agenda Main TV, a digital television channel that gives continuity to the public-social participation project with the elderly called Agenda Nagusi. In this, its second edition, the project addresses the unwanted loneliness And it does so with a new format: through an online television channel aimed at the senior population.

The conclusions and contributions collected in this new process will serve to influence the policies of the Basque Government. Minister Beatriz Artolazabal explained that they will use the contributions “to compose the future Inter-Institutional Plan to combat Unwanted Loneliness”, a plan that the Basque Government is determined to implement during the current legislature, and that responds to the Government agreement between PSE- EE and PNV.

Although it is difficult to quantify how many people are in a situation of unwanted loneliness, in the Basque Country, according to the latest Eustat data, published in April, there are 263,000 people who live alone. Of them, almost 43%, 112 500, are over 64 years old, and 27 900 of these, 85 years or more. “Also here, the gender perspective is essential, almost three out of four older people who live alone, specifically 73.5% are women“, as explained by the Minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policies.

Artolazabal has clarified that “living alone or alone and feeling alone are very different situations”, but has put the accent on those people who feel alone, since “far from being a temporary circumstance, for a large number of people it is a emotional state that involves recurrent suffering and anguish “.

New online format

The current health emergency situation has led to a leap to digital in the Nagusi Agenda, since it is not possible to bring together groups of people. For this reason, the project has been reinvented through a new online format, which enables non-face-to-face interaction with society and the senior population in particular.

Thus arises Agenda Nagusi TV, an online channel for participation and information that offers a formative and consultative space, opinion and contrast with citizens, especially with the elderly, which allows to limit the problem and propose solutions to it. The website will publish five television programs, approximately one hour long before the end of 2020. A thousand people have already watched the first program.

The Nagusi Agenda project was born in 2019, with the holding of a dozen open participatory events in which more than 500 people from different municipalities and areas of the Basque Country gave their opinions. Counting on these contributions, the Basque Government has prepared the Socio-Health Support Strategy for Caregiving Families 2021-2024, which is in a final validation phase before approval.

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