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Names for dogs | These are the most popular dog names

Now what it will be It is compulsory for all cats and dogs to have an Animal DNI in Spain, the name the dogs will become important for many pet owners. You don’t want your dog to go around with a DNI animal put “Cuqui García” or “Pompon Pérez”. Fortunately, as for names of dog you mean, we Spaniards are quite a lot original and we tend to opt for names of food, fictional characters, or places in the world.

But choose a dog name for our puppy or to adopt to our furry friend is not always an easy task, regardless of the race, and involves a series of factors that all pet owners should know.

How to choose a good dog name?

Although many people do not consider your dog’s name is something important, the truth is that it is a vital decision (together with the choice of the race) that you can mark the link with our pet. Also, there are certain basic rules for naming dogs recommended by experts in canine behavior and that could help you tip the balance in favor of some of your names for dogs:

  1. Pick a short name. As much as you would like to call your dog “Sir Titanius Anglesmith” you have to know that it is not a good option. Choose a short dog name It is the golden rule when naming your pet, since dogs do not recognize long names well and the maximum number of syllables should be two. One tip: the best dog names They are of a single syllable and must have the vowels “a” u “o”.
  2. Pick an original name. If you live in an area with many dogs, it is recommended that you use your imagination when choosing a name for your dog. You will appreciate being original later, when you are in the park walk with your pet and you have to call him.
  3. Check that it is a good name. Before deciding on a name for your dog, you should check if you feel comfortable with it and think about whether you would be able to pronounce it in public without making your face fall ashamed. Try repeating it out loud several times at home and see if your dog reacts to it.
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The most popular dog names in the world Budget Direct

What are the most popular dog names?

But to find and choose the perfect name for your dog, the most important thing is that it matches his personality and that it says something about you. As with the names of the humansSome dog names become fashionable for a few years and then fall into oblivion.

In addition, the way we call our pet is usually a reflection of the things that we like or care about, that is, it tells something about our history and what defines us. To help you choose a perfect dog name, we have brought you a list of the most popular dog names in Spain in 2020, which is compiled each year by the Rover dog sitter company:

The 10 most popular male dog names

  1. Coco

  2. Thor

  3. Max

  4. Rocky

  5. Toby

  6. Simba

  7. Leo

  8. Lucas

  9. Zeus

  10. Bruno

The 10 most popular male dog names

  1. Luna

  2. Nala

  3. Kira

  4. Lola

  5. Little girl

  6. My

  7. Noa

  8. Kiara

  9. Dana

  10. Gala

The 10 Most Popular Food-Inspired Dog Names

If there is something that we Spaniards like is to eat and especially to eat well, maybe because of this many owners from pets They decided to be inspired by food to name their dogs. We leave you some examples:

  • Truffle

  • Bimbo

  • Candy

  • Taco

  • Oreo

  • Macaroon

  • Choco

  • Lima

  • children

  • Sushi

Top 10 Dog Names Inspired by Popular Fictional Characters

The confinement caused by the coronavirus health crisis left us locked up at home and, many of us, glued to the sofa and the television or Netflix, perhaps this is why there is a baby boom of dogs that are named after the protagonists of our series and films favorites.

  • Jack (This is us)

  • Loki (Thor)

  • Arya (Game of Thrones)

  • Rio (The Paper House)

  • Leia (Star Wars)

  • Klaus (The Umbrella Academy)

  • Tokyo (The Paper House)

  • Luke (Star Wars)

  • Logan (Marvel)

  • Olaf (Frozen)

Dog names inspired by world places and tourist destinations

It is clear that Spaniards dream of exotic destinations, or so it seems when looking at the most popular dog names of 2020. After the travel stoppage due to the pandemic, many owners decided to name their dogs as their favorite tourist destinations. Here are some examples:

  • India

  • Asia

  • Kenya

  • Africa

  • Syria

  • Congo

  • Nairobi

  • Dubai

  • Bali

  • Chile

  • Havana

The most used human names for dogs in 2020

Most people consider their pet as a member of the family, so it is not surprising that 40% of the names in the top 100 of the ranking are human names. These are the 10 human names most popular for pets:

  • Kira

  • Leo

  • My

  • Lucas

  • Noa

  • Kiara

  • Bruno

  • Gala

  • Jack

  • Maya

The social networks are very present in our lives, how could it be otherwise, also in the dog’s names. These are the names of influencers most used in dogs:

  • Chiara

  • Tooth

  • Kim

  • Kendall

  • Paquita

  • Kloe

  • North

  • Kylie

  • Stormy

Original and funny dog ​​names

In 2020 pet owners have chosen to choose many dog ​​names original, funny and even rogue. Here are some examples:

  • frivolous
  • Güachiman

  • Mutt

  • Chancla

  • Magdalene

  • Chachi

  • Gulf

  • Chula

  • Narco

  • Rascal

  • Rufián

  • Pulgoso

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