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NAMES OF DOGS | Firulais: Why are the dogs in memes so called?

NAMES OF DOGS | Firulais: Why are the dogs in memes so called?

Whether you are a regular user of the social networks, or have you just ever surfed the Internet, you may have come across the name Firulais. It is an affectionate nickname for dogs that, in addition to being one of the dog names most common in Mexico and very widespread throughout Latin America, it is how they are usually called memes dogs. But the nickname of frivolous, which is possibly the name for dogs most famous in the world thanks to Internet, it is not accidental and hides behind a history very curious about its origin that perhaps you did not know.

Firulais: Why are the dogs in memes so called?

What is the origin of the name Firulais for dogs?

Taking into account that Firulais is a very common dog name in MexicoYou may have already guessed that this country is the origin of the name Firulais that is heard so much on the Internet. In addition, there it is very common that if you find a dog in the street and you don’t know his name, you call him Firulais. This is also the case with mongrel dogs o de race unknown, which in Spain we usually call muttsIn the country of rancheras they are called Firulais. But this name for dogs It is not new or current, in fact it dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and is closely linked to Mexican emigration to the United States, as explained by the Heraldo de México.

An example of a meme about dogs whose protagonist is called Firulais.

Why are Internet dogs called Firulais?

The name of Firulais to call the dogs it is neither more nor less than the adaptation to Spanish of an Anglicism. This type of transformation of English expressions is very common throughout South America and is often known as spanglish. For example, the use of the word “check” in reference to review is very frequent and whose origin is the verb “to check” in English; or use the verb “mutear”, adaptation of the verb “to mute”, to refer to silencing something or someone. And something similar happens with the name Firulais.

Firulais: Why are the dogs in memes so called?

Firulais: Flea free

As we said before, the name Firulais It began to be used in Mexico and the border areas of the United States due to the migrations of Mexican workers to this country approximately in the middle of the 20th century. At that time, it was quite common for Mexicans to legally emigrate to the United States in search of the American dream, a new job or a new life. But many times the idiom It was a problem for these people, especially at customs and border posts. There the American authorities demanded that the workers if they traveled with their dogs and pets these should be free from fleas, ticks, lice and others parasites. That is, the Mexican dogs had to be “free of lice”. The migrants, who, as we have said, did not know the language on many occasions, answered that their dog was: friyulais or friulais. What ended up inevitably deriving in the name: frivolous.

Firulais, the best dog in the world and the most famous

But this is not the end of the story, on their return to their country the Mexicans extended this term and when they wanted to explain that their dog was very good or wanted to show off that their dog was the best of all, or it was well cared for, they said it was “frivolousWhat ended up popularizing the word and making it one of the Names for dogs most famous on the Internet and in the world.

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