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Nancy Pelosi: “We are a rule of law, not a monarchy with a king”

The president of the House of Representatives has called for the immediate removal of Donald Trump, whom she has described as “a very dangerous person”

Nancy Pelosi: “We are a rule of law, not a monarchy with a king”

The president of the House of Representatives of U.S, Nancy Pelosi, on Thursday called for the immediate removal of President Donald Trump, whom he described as “a very dangerous person who should not continue in office.” “This is an emergency of the utmost importance,” said the highest-ranking Democrat in Congress, urging the vice president Mike Pence and Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, a day after the president’s supporters stormed the Capitol at his encouragement.

In the event that this mechanism, which allows a majority of the cabinet to remove a president deemed incapable of fulfilling his functions, is not invoked, Congress is prepared to move forward with an impeachment process, Pelosi stressed. “I think it won’t take long to get an answer from the vice president,” Pelosi said, adding that she and the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, had already shown their interest in this matter.

“An attempted coup”

Pelosi has directly accused Trump of what he has described as an “attempted coup”, and has claimed that he “incited an armed insurrection against U.S“.” A threshold of such magnitude was crossed that there is no way that this president should continue to be authorized to make any decision, “he launched.” We know that it must be contained. “Pelosi has praised, on the other hand, several “Brave” Republicans for finally raising their voice against Trump.

From the very tough speech of Nancy Pelosi there is a fragment that has attracted powerfully attention in old Europe. “We are a rule of law. We are not a monarchy with a king,” said the Democratic leader. Some statements that have not been slow to have their echo in our country. “The podemita Nancy Pelosi is already attacking the monarchy”, has ironized Pablo Echenique in Twitter. “I immediately demand from the Flanders thirds to put an end to this affront to our nation by the globalist communists of the US Democratic Party. We should never have surrendered the Florida peninsula.”

It is not the first time Nancy Pelosi alludes to monarchy as a counterpoint to the rule of law. Already in 2019, when he asked for the impeachment for Donald Trump, The president of the House of Representatives made statements similar to those of this Thursday: “What are we, a republic or a monarchy?”, Pelosi reproduces the question that the founding fathers asked Benjamin Franklin in his statement on the impeachment, to which he replied: “A republic, if you can maintain it.” “Our responsibility is to maintain it,” concludes Pelosi.

“A tool of Putin”

At a time when doubts are intensifying about the security flaws that exposed the violent acts of Wednesday, the Democratic leader has not hesitated to point to the Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, and has stated that “it certainly has to answer about where the National Guard was.”

Trump, Pelosi believes, is an “absolute tool” of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. And simply waiting until his term ends on January 20 is not enough, he said. “In the next 13 days, this dangerous man may do more harm to our country.”

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