Wednesday, December 1

Nani knows that she is left without a record

In fact, after the draw against UCAM Murcia, in which Nani played the entire second half, the incorporation of a left-handed winger was definitely activated to compete with Pedro García, who has made a very pleasant impression on the Madrid coach from the first day and In the old Condomina, he was responsible for a goal that meets all the conditions that the coach demands from his band men.

It crystallized the negotiation with Alex Martinez and the Sevillian defender, who He already left Nani without minutes as a starter last year, He extended his link with the Blue and White team until June 30, 2022 and, in addition, he reserved the option to extend it for another season if he meets the objectives that have been set for him, the main one, promotion to the 1st RFEF.

Rubén Molina still has, by right, two more years at Hercules. The previous sports director, Javier Portillo, extended his stay in the capital for four seasons after the youth squad completed a good first year, in which he played 33 games, scored a goal and earned a title originally destined for Adrián Jiménez.

His coach at the time, Lluís Planagumà, curiously, when the moment came to face the promotion for promotion, he sentenced Nani to substitute in a controversial decision. Despite that, the technical secretariat thought it appropriate to invest in a future value by offering a contract that, now in the fourth category, is unaffordable, given that it is around 70,000 euros per campaign.

Failed first deal

In a first approach between the parties at the beginning of July, Hercules offered the Blue and White youth squad a substantial reduction in his file, but the formula that Nani was willing to accept barely alleviated the problem with the salary limit that the family-owned club drags. Ortiz, forced to make a block of full guarantees with a very tight budget.

Without agreement, the Hercules continues probing formulas to release the token that Nani now occupies. His continuity in the team is not contemplated since that would leave without the option of incorporating the midfielder older than 23 years that Mora and Del Pozo foresee. Álex Martínez won yesterday the last of the 16 high professionals that are allowed in the 2nd RFEF.

Nani has been losing prominence with the passing of the exercises. In his debut he ended up playing 33 games. The following year, the figure fell to 25 (partly due to the pandemic) and in his third season as a Blue and White the statistics stopped at 14. Cubillo’s dismissal took its toll and, with the arrival of Álex in January, he was no longer a starter. He did not play a single match in the second phase.

Without confidence

Feeling permanently singled out has not helped Nani, who has been unable to reverse a very damaging dynamic for him. Planagumà did not see him prepared to face the play-off with aplomb And, later, history has repeated itself whenever the team’s trajectory has been twisted, both in its second season, which was closed in false when the abyss of descent loomed, and in the one that culminated with a hyperbolic fiasco in Llagostera. Nani will not have a record with Hercules 21-22. Whether your departure from the team is more or less abrupt depends on an agreement that can be friendly or unilateral.

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