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Nanny discovers that 11-year-old boy she cared for wanted to kill her for detail in drawing

Whenever we talk about the subject of the babysitters, In general, parents are recommended to thoroughly analyze and investigate the profile of the person they will hire to place the trust in them to take care of their children, especially when they have to be absent from home.

But also, those who decide to be employed as babysitters or nannies should also investigate with which family they are going to work, as we have witnessed many terrifying stories regarding what they have experienced at the hands of their employers.

It turns out that a youtuber named “Mr. Nightmare ”, through his YouTube video channel, he shared the story of a young nanny identified as Alyssa, who she had been hired by a family in Canada to care for their 11-year-old son while they were away.

Since the beginning, the babysitter noticed something strange in the child, who was very lonely and reserved, Well, he did not talk to her and did not leave his room if it was not to eat or look for video games in the basement of his house.

Despite the minor’s attitude, Alyssa did not give it more importance until He discovered it one night wanting to sneak into his room. Asked for an explanation, he ran back to his room. The next day, the babysitter decided to go inside to see if she could find something that could tell her what was really happening to her.

In the room, the girl discovered something completely disturbing: sheets of drawings stapled like a little story, created by the same child, where he detailed his plans to murder her. “There is something about her that I hate,” the boy wrote about a drawing of him and his babysitter, “I think that’s how ugly she is. She is a big nerd, I don’t want her in the house, I’m not sure why Mom and Dad hired her, I think I’m going to have to kill her. “

On the second sheet, the child continued with the complaints, and the drawing represented how he took one of the knives from the kitchen table. Indeed, after checking the room, the babysitter found a small kitchen knife hidden in the nightstand.

The last page in a series of disturbing drawings is the most disturbing. In it, the little boy was drawn holding a knife behind the girl’s back while she slept. “The babysitter caught me coming into the room, next time I have to be more silent,” the boy wrote about the image.

Immediately, Alyssa would have called the child’s parents to explain what happened. Despite having their doubts at first, it was easy for them to believe that their son might have monstrous intentions with her. That same day the boy’s grandmother replaced the babysitter, they paid her for the whole week and left without calling the police.

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