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Nashville: A 28-year-old woman kills three children and three adults in another shooting at a school in the United States


Two police officers killed the assailant, who was armed with two semi-automatic rifles and a pistol.

A woman kills three children and three adults at a Nashville school./ Video: The World

A 28-year-old woman armed with two semi-automatic rifles and a pistol has murdered three children and three adults at Colegio de la Alianza, a private school in the city of Nashville, in the state of Tennessee, in the United States, before being shot dead by law enforcement. It is yet another massacre in a country that experiences them almost weekly, frequently in schools, but on this occasion it has a very unusual element: the murderer was a woman. Of the 135 mass murders that have taken place in the United States in the last 31 years collected in the database of the Statista statistics website, only one had been perpetrated by a lone woman.

For now, the identity and possible motivation of the murderer are unknown. The victims are not known either. But there is something that indicates that this massacre will have an even more tragic component than usual: the three children murdered were, almost in all probability, under 12 years of age. This is because the Colegio de la Alianza, which belongs to the Presbyterian Church, is for preschool and elementary education, which ends at 12 years of age. The educational center, which was founded 22 years ago, is located in an affluent area of ​​a city that is famous for its bars and its cultural life. So far this year there have been 30 acts involving firearms in the United States, in which eight people have died, according to data from the organization Every Town for Gun Safety, founded by the former mayor of Nueva and former candidate to the presidency by the Democratic Party, the billionaire Mike Bloomberg.

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Specifically, this is the 129th mass murder so far this year, which represents a clear increase compared to 2021, when at this point in the year there had been one hundred. The entire slaughter lasted approximately fourteen minutes., from when the woman entered the school through a side part at 10:13 minutes, until she was killed by two policemen on the first floor of the building at 10:27 minutes. The speed of the response of the Nashville security forces was absolutely key to preventing a much more serious carnage from ensuing. Last year, the extreme incompetence of the authorities in a similar situation in the town of Uvalde, in Texas, ended up leading to the massacre of 22 people in another elementary school.

As usual after a massacre of these characteristics, on the one hand, calls for control of the possession of firearms by the Democratic Party have multiplied, while the defenders of that practice have limited themselves to keeping silent although presumably in the next few hours they will make the usual declarations in the sense that “our thoughts and prayers” are with the victims and their families. It is also expected that the defenders of firearms will begin to insist that these types of incidents are inevitable – something interesting given that the US is the only country that suffers them continuously – and that the solution would have been to arm the teachers. . Armed security guards have armed security guards at many schools in the United States. -frequently police officers who are off duty- and in some there are weapons detection arches. Charles County, Maryland, just outside the city of Washington, has approved the establishment of a firearms detection system among its students and employed staff that combines cameras with artificial intelligence.

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“We have to do more to stop gun violence, which is tearing our communities apart, and we have to do more to protect our schools,” President Joe Biden said shortly after the massacre broke. The president again asked Congress to ban the sale of assault weapons, very similar to those used by the Armed Forces. The commercialization of this material was prohibited from 1994 to 2004. George W. Bush did not renew the measure, which had played a very important role, if not in limiting violence linked to crime, but in killings like this one.

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