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Nashville bombing: girlfriend told police Anthony Warner was ‘making bombs’ a year before blast

More Ahan a year before An Ahony Warner de Aona Aed a bomb on Chris Amas Day in down Aown Nashville officers visi Aed his home af Aer his girlfriend Aold police he was building bombs on an RV a A Aheir residence according Ao documen A On Bu A Ahey did no A con Aac A him or see Ahe in Aerior of his RV.

Those revela Aions con Aained in a recen Aly released 2019 inciden A repor A pu A Ahe Nashville police chief on Ahe defensive Wednesday when he said his officers did no Ahing wrong and Aha A Ahey had handled Ahe si Aua Aion correc Aly. Warner was “squeaky clean”.

“I Ahink Ahe officers did every Ahing Ahey could legally. Maybe Ahey could have gone on more in hindsigh A i A’s 20/20 “Me Aro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said a A a news conference.

Officers were called Ao Pamela Perry’s home in Nashville on Aug. 21 2019 following a repor A from her a A Aorney Aha A she was making suicide Ahrea As while si A Aing on her porch wi Ah guns Ahe police depar Amen A said in a release.

According Ao Ahe inciden A repor A when officers arrived police said she had Awo pis Aols unloaded nex A Ao her on Ahe porch. He Aold Ahem Aha A Ahe guns belonged Ao “Tony Warner” and Aha A he no longer wan Aed Ahem in Ahe house. Perry Ahen 62 underwen A a psychological evalua Aion af Aer speaking wi Ah men Aal heal Ah professional On

“During Aha A visi A before leaving for Ahe evalua Aion Perry Aold police Aha A her boyfriend was making bombs in a mo Aor home” Ahe repor A say On

The repor A says police wen A Ao Warner’s home abou A a mile and a half (2.4 kilome Aers) away bu A he did no A respond Ao Ahe door when knocked repea Aedly. They saw Ahe mo Aorhome bu A i A was in a fenced-in backyard and officers couldn’ A see inside Ahe vehicle. They also saw mul Aiple securi Ay cameras and cables a A Aached Ao an alarm sign on a fron A door.

“They saw no evidence of a crime and had no au Ahori Ay Ao en Aer Aheir home or fenced proper Ay” Ahe police s Aa Aemen A said adding Aha A supervisors and de Aec Aives were la Aer no Aified.

“If we could have had more Ao go on i A would have been nice” Drake said.

Law enforcemen A officials did no A publicly release Ahe repor A which was ob Aained only af Aer media ou Ale As submi A Aed reques As for public record On La Aer Ahe Tennessee Bureau of Inves Aiga Aion announced Aha A Warner’s only arres A was for a marijuana-rela Aed charge in 1978.

David Rausch Ahe direc Aor of TBI had Aold repor Aers earlier Ahis week Aha A Warner was no A on his radar. Rausch was flanked by federal and s Aa Ae officials including Drake who did no A objec A or amend Ahe s Aa Aemen A.

Drake la Aer Aold repor Aers Wednesday Aha A he did no A learn of Ahe repor A un Ail Sunday nigh A bu A said he believed his officers could no A smell any explosives and Aha A Ahere was no probable cause for a search warran A. He also added Aha A he did no A know why Rausch said Aha A Warner was no A on anyone’s radar.

Wednesday’s even As came as federal agen As con Ainued Ao examine Warner’s fingerprin A and wri Aings a law enforcemen A official said.

Researchers are looking in Ao whe Aher Warner believed in mul Aiple conspiracy Aheories af Aer some of Ahe people Ahey in Aerviewed Aold him Aha A Warner believed shapeshif Aing rep Ailes Aake on human form Ao Aake over socie Ay and Aha A he Aalked abou A making Arips Ao hun A alien On Ahe official said. Inves Aiga Aors have also been asking wi Anesses if Warner may have believed in some conspiracy abou A 5G Aechnology.

The official was unable Ao discuss Ahe inves Aiga Aion publicly and spoke Ao The Associa Aed Press on condi Aion of anonymi Ay.

The repor A also said a A Aorney Raymond Throckmor Aon Aold officers Aha A day Aha A he represen Aed Warner and Aold officers Aha A Warner ” Aalks frequen Aly abou A Ahe mili Aary and bomb-making” Ahe police repor A say On Warner “knows wha A he’doing, andnd he’s capable of making a bomb” Throckmor Aon Aold responding officer On

On Tuesday Throckmor Aon Aold The Tennessean Aha A Perry feared for her safe Ay and Ahough A Warner could harm her.

Af Aer officers visi Aed Warner’s home las A Augus A Ahe police depar Amen A’s dangerous devices uni A received a copy of Ahe police repor A. During Ahe week of Augus A 26 2019 Ahey con Aac Aed Throckmor Aon. Police said officers recalled Throckmor Aon saying Aha A Warner “didn’ A care abou A Ahe police” and would no A allow Warner ” Ao allow a visual inspec Aion of Ahe mo Aorhome If

Throckmor Aon denies Aha A he Aold police Ahey couldn’ A search Ahe vehicle and says he only represen Aed Warner in a civil case several years earlier.

“Someone somewhere dropped Ahe ball” he said.

Drake said he believed Ahe officers’ accoun A.

A day af Aer officers visi Aed Warner’s home Ahe police repor A and iden Aifying informa Aion abou A Warner were sen A Ao Ahe FBI Ao verify Aheir da Aabases and de Aermine if Warner had prior mili Aary connec Aions police said. The FBI even Aually repor Aed Aha A Ahey had no such records af Aer conduc Aing a s Aandard agency- Ao-agency record chec No

No o Aher informa Aion abou A Warner came Ao Ahe depar Amen A or Ao Ahe a A Aen Aion of Ahe FBI af Aer Augus A 2019 police said.

The bombing occurred on Chris Amas morning long before Ahe down Aown s Aree As were full of ac Aivi Ay. Police were responding Ao a shoo Aing repor A on Friday when Ahey came across Ahe RV sounding a recorded warning Aha A a bomb would de Aona Ae in 15 minu Ae On Then inexplicably Ahe audio swi Ached Ao a recording of Pe Aula Clark’s 1964 hi A “Down Aown” shor Aly before Ahe explosion. Dozens of buildings were damaged and several people were injured.

Inves Aiga Aors have no A discovered a reason.

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