Thursday, January 27

National Assembly of Venezuela: what changes now that Chavismo also controls Parliament (and what happens with Juan Guaidó)

  • Boris Miranda (@ivanbor)
  • BBC World News


Juan Guaidó does not recognize the legitimacy of the December 6 elections.

The Venezuelan opposition loses its biggest trench: the National Assembly.

This Tuesday, Chavismo takes control of that state power after the December 6 elections, in which it prevailed almost without competition.

The Legislative was the only power in the hands of the opposition, which, however, considers last month’s elections fraudulent and therefore gives continuity to the five-year mandate that expires on Tuesday.

This, according to analysts, represents a consolidation of the power of the so-called Bolivarian revolution in the South American country and challenges the strategy led by Juan Guaidó to defeat the government of Nicolas Maduro.

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