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NATO countries must invest 90,000 million more in defense to reach 2% of GDP




If all NATO countries devoted a minimum of 2% of its GDP, the aggregate military investment of the Atlantic Alliance would be 90,260 million euros higher than the one planned for this year. According to official data provided by NATO itself, this year its partners expect to add military spending of 1.14 billion euros. But if that minimum threshold of 2% of each country’s GDP were met, the figure would rise to 1.23 billion. Logically, the data would vary over the years depending on the GDP of each country. But at the moment, with the current data, 90,260 million more are needed, according to the calculations of the Alliance.

NATO is made up of 30 countries, but 29 armies, because Iceland does not have its own armed forces. And of those 29 member states, nine already meet or exceed that threshold of 2% of GDP for military spending. The United States reaches 3.47%. Therefore, there is 20 NATO countries that have to increase their current effort more or less significantly budget in defense policies.

Spain practically have to duplicate the funds you currently allocate. According to the data provided this week by NATO itself, this 2022 Spain plans to dedicate 1.01% of the national GDP to military spending. To reach the commitment that the allies have reaffirmed at the Madrid summit, this year it would have to dedicate some 26,000 million euros to defense, compared to the 13,136 million that it plans to spend, according to data handled by the Alliance. President Sánchez yesterday set that goal for 2029.

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In absolute terms, the countries that must most increase their economic effort in defense to reach the minimum threshold demanded by NATO are Germany, Canada and Spain. The annual military expenditure of the Germans would have to increase by 23,400 million euros, to close to 84,000 million. And Canada should increase it by 15.5 billion, to leave it at around 42.5 billion euros.

The United States, with 788,957 million euros of military spending planned for this year, concentrates practically 70% of the total NATO aggregate.

Biden satisfied

As expected, the issue of increased investment by allied countries was on the table of the North Atlantic Council yesterday. In his press conference, US President Joe Biden was very pleased with which the member countries have committed to spend more on defense policies and reach that minimum of 2% of GDP.

It must be remembered that this is an old aspiration of the United States, a constant since the Cardiff Summit (2014), with Obama of president. he riveted her donald trumpin a more humiliating tone for his allies, at the summits he attended in Brussels (2017 and 2018) and in London (2019).

Yesterday, Biden welcomed the fact that most allies “are on track to exceed the 2% of GDP commitment for the first time, or agree to spend 2% of GDP on defense.” The German example came to light: «Germany announced a special fund for its army of more than 100,000 million dollars».

He also mentioned the cases of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands: “They announced that they will fulfill their 2% commitments.” Or the examples of «Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Romania, which are investing more than 2.5% and some reach 3%».

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