Monday, November 28

“NATO will not strike back”

Former Russian President and current Vice President of the Security Council of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, He stated this Tuesday that “the NATO would not intervene directly” in the event that Moscow uses nuclear weapons against “the regime of Ukraine», while defending that the country «has the right» to use this weaponry «if necessary».

“Imagine that Russia is forced to use the most formidable weapon against the Ukrainian regime, which has committed a large-scale act of aggression that poses a danger to the existence of our state. I think that NATO I would not intervene directly in the conflict even in this situation,” the former Russian prime minister said in a message on his Telegram account.

“After all, the security of Washington, London Y Brussels it is much more important to the Atlantic Alliance than the fate of the damned Ukraine, which nobody needs, even if they give it plentiful supplies of weapons. The supply of modern weapons is a business for Western countries, which are very much involved in the hatred towards us”, he has argued.

Thus, he stressed that “European demagogues and those from beyond the pond are not going to perish in a nuclear apocalypse, so they will swallow the use of any weapon in the current conflict.” “It would be nice if this sad conclusion is at least partially understood by the authorities in kyiv, although it is almost impossible since they are in a war frenzy with little breaks for drugged dreams,” he added.

“Our enemies love to make grandiose claims. Mention the terms ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, ‘mission’. In fact, it is a ritual verbiage. They are sources of diarrheal demagogy coupled with squawks of rhetoric that have become a weapon of the Anglo-Saxon world with which they flood the rest of humanity, in an attempt to defend their exclusivity and their right to rule the world, “he criticized.

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Criticism of Biden and Truss

In this sense, Medvedev has highlighted that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss“have spread their Atlantic saliva and asked Russia to withdraw its hand from the nuclear button». “Together, we are constantly threatened with ‘terrifying’ consequences if Russia uses nuclear weapons and the young-minded London aunt is fully prepared to immediately initiate a nuclear strike exchange with our country,” she said.

«I repeat for those who are so deaf that they only hear themselves. Russia has the right to use nuclear weapons if necessary, in certain cases and in line with the bases of the State Policy in the Nuclear Deterrence Field. If we or our allies are attacked with these weapons or if aggression with conventional weapons threatens the existence of our state », he has indicated.

Russia will have to answer

“We will do everything possible to prevent the appearance of nuclear weapons in our hostile neighbors, including Nazi Ukraine, controlled directly by NATO countries. It makes no sense to count on the reasoning and political will of the kyiv regime, although there is still a fragile hope that common sense and a sense of conservation prevail in the countries that support it », he said.

Finally, Medvedev stressed that the rest of the countries “must understand that if the threat to Russia exceeds the established danger limit, they will have to respond.” “We will not ask anyone for permission and there will be no long consultations. It is definitely not a bluff,” he concluded, after Russian President Vladimir Putin made similar warnings this week and also stressed that the possible use of nuclear weapons “is not a bluff.”

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