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Natti Natasha heartbroken: She and her family were going to use the plane that crashed

Raphy Pina y Natti Natasha.

Photo: ARMimage. / Grosby Group

Natti Natasha Heartbroken: she and her family were going to use the plane that crashed in Santo Domingo and where the Puerto Rican reggaeton producer died Jose Angel Hernandez, Flow La Movie, and his family.

This was revealed by her husband when this morning he appeared in the courts where Pina is tried for the alleged possession of adulterated firearms.

“Today is not a good day, it took me by surprise. The most unusual thing, which hurts me, is that today I was flying on that plane with my family to Miami for some commitments“, Pina revealed to the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día.

Natti, who is deeply affected by the death of Flow La Movie and her family, decided to accompany her husband in court, assuring that like any family they must stay together and relying on all the circumstances of life. But nevertheless, at the last minute he decided not to accompany him when he found out that they could have died on that plane.

Precisely for having made the decision to be with Pina, is that if Flow and his family had not taken that plane with damage, possibly they would have been the ones who traveled through that destination traffic.

“I can not believe it, God put his hand to save us, I am very sorry for the death of the whole family ed Flow La Movie“Said Natasha, who never thought that the practical route of taking a private plane, just as Jenni Rivera did, she could have had the same ending as the Diva de la Banda.

Let’s remember that un private jet crashed yesterday near the runway of the international airport of the capital of Dominican Republic, where its nine occupants died.

Seven passengers and two crew members died after attempting an emergency landing on the Las Americas airport in Santo Domingo, according to Helidosa Aviation Group, the plane’s operator.

The Puerto Rican reggaeton producer Jose Angel Hernandez, better known as ‘Flow La Movie’, and his wife Debbie von Marie Jiménez García, were two of the victims who died, as well as their children. The family was heading to Orlando, intending to spend the holidays at Disney World.


• Plane crashes in the Dominican Republic; Nine people die, including the producer “Flow La Movie”

• Who was Flow la Movie, the music producer who died in a plane crash

• Natti Natasha’s husband, Raphy Pina, will face federal charges in the United States


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