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NATURAL REMEDIES | How to avoid gases in our stomach

The stomach gas They are a natural part of digestion. They are an accumulation of air in the stomach that in excess can be uncomfortable and painful. Among the causes of this annoyance There is eating too fast, chewing gum, being on an empty stomach for too long, or eating too many vegetables. Intolerance to certain foods or alterations in the bacterial flora or stress can also influence. today we tell you Some Natural medicine for gases.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are a good Home remedy against flatulence. We can consume this plant in infusion or in tablets. Its benefits are extraordinary, since it will help us combat the gases of poor digestion.

Fennel infusion is ideal for losing weight pexels

green anise

Drinking green anise is another of the home remedies that we recommend to end the annoying gases. This pleasant-tasting plant reduces abdominal swelling and flatulence. It is recommended to drink an infusion of anise after eating, but remember to let it rest for 10 minutes after seeing you in the cup.


The Chamomile infusion is also a natural remedy ideal to end this annoyance. It is also useful to combat nausea and will help us get rid of a gas picture, since it facilitates the work of digestion. We can combine it with anise.

Ginger. Shutterstock


take ginger. This food with a characteristic itching can help us increase the secretion of bile and stimulate digestion to reduce gas production. We can have a cup after meals in small sips.

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The mint plant has a leaf with digestive properties, it increases the production of bile and helps expel gas. Its use is recommended as an infusion in both adults and children over 4 years of age.


The chicory plant has a root with fructooligosaccharides and inulin, components recommended to relieve heavy digestion or symptoms of flatulence.

Chicory is a plant native to Europe, but it also grows in North Africa and West Asia.

Activated carbon

Activated charcoal or charcoal is ideal for treating diarrhea and excess gas. It is taken in tablets and helps to absorb toxins that are in the stomach. It can be the perfect complement with an infusion.


Drinking a lemon balm infusion will help us relieve the pain caused by gases. It is useful in both children and adults.

change of habits

In addition to having the habit of consuming this type of herb in infusion or capsules, it is also essential that we change certain daily routines such as:

  • Moderate your intake of whole foods.

  • Eat legumes without skin.

  • Peel the fruits before eating them.

  • Eat steamed or boiled foods.

  • Avoid raw foods as much as possible.

  • Play sports to combat stress.

  • Avoid carbonated drinks.

  • Eat calmly and chew well to avoid swallowing more air than necessary.

  • Check the medication you take, some medications favor the appearance of gases.

As we always remember you, these Natural medicine Y homemade tricks they are not miraculous. If your gas problem is important, it is best to consult your doctor or pharmacist. Only a specialist will be able to prescribe the necessary medication to end this discomfort.

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