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Navalni is transferred to the colony where he will have to serve two years and five months in prison




The main political adversary of the Kremlin, Alexéi Navalni, has already been transferred to the penitentiary colony where he will have to serve two years and five months in prison, but his lawyers have not yet received communication of what specific prison it is. Navalni was provisionally sent on February 25 from the Mastrósskaya Tishiná preventive detention center in the Russian capital to the dungeons of a preventive prison in the town of Kolchúguino, in the Vladimir region, on the border with Moscow. .

According to the regulation and in accordance with the health regulations linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the opposition leader has had to pass in Kolchúguino two weeks quarantine and this is when he is supposed to be sent to jail where he will spend the next two and a half years. Different sources assured last month that such a place is the Penitentiary Colony number 2 from the Vladimir region and today, without any official confirmation yet, this is confirmed by the RIA-Nóvosti agency and the «Védomosti» newspaper.

This criminal, called in Russian IK-2, is located in the town of Cover, at a distance from the Russian capital of about 200 kilometers to the east. That at least is what the Committee for Social Observation (ONK) believes, although the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (FSIN) did not officially confirm it then and still does not. The politician’s lawyers were not even authorized today to enter the Kolchúguino prison, announced the lawyer Olga Mijáilova, who maintains that the family has not been informed of anything either.

A source quoted by the Russian newspaper “Védomosti”, maintains that Navalni is already in the penal IK-2 de Pokrov. However, some Russian media, including the RIA-Nóvosti agency, do not rule out that he is in another prison, also from the Vladimir region, at number 5.

Penalty de Pokrov

Referring to the Pokrov prison, the opposition activist Konstantín Kótov, who served his sentence there, pointed out that it is a center not classified as having a severe regime, but, in his opinion, “the discipline is very strict.” In his words, “inmates are punished for any trifles.” His lawyer, the lawyer María Eismont, told Echo Moscow radio a few days ago that “after the leadership of Penitentiary Colony number two was replaced, the beatings of the inmates stopped, but they continue to be harassed morally.”

«This prison is what many call the red zone. It is a regime of strict control of the internal life of the prisoners ”, explained Eismont. According to his account, «with the arrival of Mukhanov, the new director, beatings, torture and physical violence have stopped. Before all this, there were constant stories related, not so much to the behavior of the convicts, but to the fact that the center’s management wanted to show that the inmates are nobody and are there to suffer.

The lawyer, however, has warned that in Pokrov the inmates “are subjected to permanent moral pressure, creating a psychologically difficult situation for them with no free time at all, forced to perform insane tasks such as making their beds in record time in accordance with to a certain boss, running from one place to another at all hours, shouting greetings to the bosses when they are given the order to do so and woe to those who do not obey! ».

After recovering from the poisoning suffered in Siberia last summer, the political dissident returned from Germany on January 17 and was arrested as soon as he passed passport control. Then, on February 2, he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for a cause dating back to 2014 that he considers “rigged and politically motivated.” The appeal against this sentence was rejected on February 20. There are two more legal cases against him.

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