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Nayib Bukele launches himself against the media for “defending” Norma Torres and asks Hispanics not to vote for her

Nayib Bukele vs. Norma Torres

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Here’s to watching, President of The Salvador was launched against the media that covered his discussion with the congressman democrat of Guatemalan origin Rule Torres and described them as “uncomfortable journalists“.

“Did the media and ‘uncomfortable journalists’ see that they came out in defense of the congresswoman who confused The Salvador with Ecuador and that instead of apologizing he used another tragedy (of a father with his daughter) to continue with his agenda against our government? Exact: same financier ”, wrote the leader Salvadoran.

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It all started when Here’s to watching got into a discussion with Rule Torres due to the recent events of migrant children crossing to the United States because the Democrat shared on Twitter a video of the two Ecuadorian girls who were thrown by traffickers from the top of the wall on the border of Mexico with the state joined, and wrote: “This is a great shame to the governments of Guatemala, Honduras, The Savior their compatriots deserve governments that are truly committed to fighting corruption and narco!” (sic).

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Given this through the same social network, Watch clarified that the minors are not Salvadoran, but Ecuadorian and that this happened on the border of Mexico with state joined. What does El Salvador have to do with this? “Asked the president. And then he told her that “you should use part of your financier’s check to buy glasses.”

Torres he replied with the photograph of Oscar and Valeria, Salvadoran father and daughter who died trying to cross the Rio Grande, and said: “I’ll make it clearer. This is the result of narcissistic dictators like you interested in being “cool” while people flee for the 1000 and die for the 100. Send me a pair of glasses so I can see the suffering of your people through your eyes ”(sic).

In the end, he told her that he used another tragedy to keep arguing and asked Hispanic voters not to vote for her anymore.

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