Wednesday, October 27

Nayib Bukele promises to support the daughters of a Salvadoran woman who died after being subdued by the police

Here’s to watching, President of The Salvador announced that his Government will take over maintenance of the daughters that the Salvadoran migrant Victoria Salazar Leasing who died after being detained by municipal police from Tulum, after being subjected by an agent to the ground in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico.

Through social networks Watch shared the message of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador in which the condemnation for the woman’s death was expressed.

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“We will take care of the maintenance and studies of Victoria’s two daughters and everything they need. We only ask for justice. Let the full weight of the law fall on those who did this ”.

In videos recorded on Saturday, but released this Sunday, it is observed how three elements of the Police Municipal they watch their companion press the woman with her knee, who was face down and screaming for her release, all in the presence of inhabitants of the colonia Tumbenkah.

After minutes of submission, the detainee vanished to the side of patrol number 9276, while the police officers observed her, and later they raised her unconscious to the trough of the T patrol.transit number 9267.

According to the reports, elements policemen they went to the crossing of the Faisán Street and La Selva Avenue because the settlers denounced a woman who caused public disorder.

Following the exhibition of the arrest, the Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office reported that he initiated an investigation to determine the responsibility of the police in the case.

The mayor of Tulum, Victor But Move, announced that the police officers involved – three men and one woman – were removed from their position to be investigated.

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