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NBA 2K22 update: release notes, new features, and higher-rated players in the game

NBA 2K22 is available for release, and a lot is happening with the release of the game.

The latest installment was released on Friday for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows, and Nintendo Switch, an exciting time for fans of sports games. But the releases haven’t been the smoothest for NBA 2K in the past, and this release was no different.

According to multiple players, the game’s servers went down once it was available at noon ET. Agent 00, who plays a lot on YouTube and has 1.73 million subscribers, was one of those who didn’t seem surprised.

Several players also noted that their virtual currency, which is used to purchase upgrades and player packs in “MyCareer” mode for MyTeam, 2K’s ultimate team feature, among other things, was not immediately available. Those who pre-ordered the game were supposed to receive 5,000 VC (Standard Edition and WNBA 25th Anniversary Edition) or 100,000 VC (NBA 75th Anniversary Edition).

Some players found that entering “MyTeam” mode upon opening the game and restarting it would show the VC; However, players also had trouble purchasing VC in the game, which is available in increments of 5,000 ($ 2.99), 15,000 ($ 4.99), 35,000 ($ 9.99), 75,000 ($ 19, 99), 200,000 ($ 49.99) and 450,000 ($ 99.99).

The game seemed to smooth out after that. 2K announced that it released a patch around 1:30 pm ET on Friday to fix audio and stability issues with public address announcers.

It also appeared that fans received their VC. (Author’s note: I received mine at 5pm ET Friday.)

Here’s a look at some of the other stories surrounding the release of NBA2K22.

NBA 2K22 first reviews

NBA 2K22 launched at noon ET on Friday, September 10, and it appears that many critics did not receive the game in advance to offer their perspectives.

Sporting News has compiled some of the first reviews:

Ricky Frech, IGN (review in progress): “When a basketball player gets into ‘the zone’, people say it can seem like time is slowing down. They can see things before they happen, every little detail about their opponent stands out and the rim seems to get bigger and more attractive. NBA 2K22 hasn’t managed to get me into the zone the first time I’ve played it thus far, but the improved gameplay and breadth of content in this iteration bring it closer than it has been in recent years. From major changes in the impact of shooting stamina to a city filled with various ways to upgrade your MyPlayer character, 2K22 feels like a breath of fresh air. ”

Franz Christian Irorita, Clutch Points (Score: 9/10): “The time we spent playing NBA 2K22 was filled with fun moments, especially since we are huge fans of the league anyway. Seeing how this year’s entry turned out satisfies us, as there is a lot of new content and changes , especially for the next-gen versions of the game. The decision for fans now comes down to whether these next-gen features are worth the extra cost, as the next-gen versions cost slightly more than the current-gen ones. that the next-gen versions are worth the extra $ 10 or so.

“Of course, NBA 2K22 will greatly appeal to fans of the sport. For those who have no idea what the NBA is or don’t like basketball at all, this can be a difficult pass. But even then, we feel like those who play this game, even those who have no idea what the heck basketball is, will appreciate the kind of technical marvel that NBA 2K22 has turned out to be for the PS5. “

What is ‘The City’ like?

NBA 2K21 featured “The City,” a multiplayer map for its “MyCareer” mode with four districts, rival affiliations, and missions, among other things, although the consensus was that it was not a success.

RANKINGS TRACKING: Pre-release list of the best players by position

With a maximum of 100 players in a large area, reviewers like IGN Ben vollmer felt the feature felt “empty” with “too much unnecessary padding”. NBA 2K22 reintroduced “The City” this year with a population surge, new missions, buildings, and ways to explore, including Go-Karts and Inline Skates.

Players will have to be more grounded with the revamped open world component, although it seems like there have been some issues with Xbox Series X users.

Agent 00 uploaded a YouTube file. video in which he explored in-game features and updates and offered a similar take on how people felt about “The City” in NBA2K22.

“Even in 2K’s efforts to make this city more convenient and easier to get around, getting to the destinations remains inconvenient,” he said.

Launch Giveaways and Top Rated Players

Along with the game’s release, NBA 2K is releasing codes and giving away prizes on its Twitter page, including VC, hoodies and t-shirts.

Cover athletes Luka Doncic and Kevin Durant and rapper The Game, among others, also released codes for VC.

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Aside from those updates, here are the top 10 rated players in NBA 2K22:

Lebron JamesLos angeles lakers96
Kevin DurantBrooklyn networks96
Giannis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee Bucks96
Stephen Currywarriors of the golden state96
Kawhi leonardLos Angeles Clippers95
Nikola JokicDenver nuggets95
Joel embiidPhiladelphia 76ers95
Luka doncicDallas mavericks94
James hardenBrooklyn networks94
Damian LillardPortland Trail Blazers94

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