Wednesday, February 21

NBA MVP race heating up between Nikola Jokić, Joel Embiid

Nikola Jokić versus Joel Embiid. Who is more serving the MVP? Who is the best player? Why do people assume Embiid is having a better season or he is more valuable to his team? Michael Pina and Rohan Nadkarni weigh in on the debate.

The following transcript is an excerpt from The Crossover NBA podcast. Listen to the full episode on podcast players everywhere or on

Michael Pine: So this email comes in from Alex, who writes:

“All I seem to hear from the media is praise for Joel Embiid and how he has put the 76ers on his back and is “leading the MVP race.” I just can’t help but ask a question. Why is everyone seemingly pretending that Nikola Jokić is not doing what he is doing on a nightly basis?

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