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Nearly 10,000 young people from Extremadura will benefit from the 400-euro cultural voucher

Green light for the youth cultural bonus of 400 euros for young people who have reached or will turn 18 during 2022. The Council of Ministers has just approved the Royal Decree that will allow adolescents to acquire cultural products, services and activities. Nearly 10,000 people will benefit from this in Extremadura.

They are those born in 2004 in this autonomous community, which according to the INE, are specifically 9,899. In the total of the country there are 454,591 and for this measure the Ministry of Culture will allocate 210 million euros.

Young people will be able to benefit from the youth cultural bonus starting in June and will be able to spend the 400 euros in three modalities: events, physical products and digital consumption.

But how will it work? The bonus will be valid during the twelve months following its granting and can be acquired through a specific technological platform, in which applications will be submitted and processed in order of presentation.

For events, 200 euros can be allocated, for physical products 100 and for digital consumption another 100

Once the aid has been granted, the amount of the cultural bonus will be paid in a single payment, in virtual prepaid card format that will be identified with a number and the identity of the beneficiary.

In the event that the beneficiary does not have a mobile device, exceptionally a physical card may be issued to contain the aforementioned virtual card.

The money will have to be allocated to specific products and services that are divided into three sections. The first of them subsidizes a maximum of 200 euros for the purchase of tickets for performing arts, live music, cinema, museums, libraries, exhibitions and scenic, literary, musical or audiovisual festivals.

The second can be used, with a maximum of 100 euros, for cultural products on physical support such as books; magazines, press or other periodicals; video games, musical scores, discs, CDs, DVDs, or those known as Blu-ray.

The latter allows one hundred euros to be spent on digital or online consumption. These include subscriptions and rentals to musical, reading or audio-reading, or audiovisual platforms, purchase of audiobooks, purchase of ‘e-books’, subscription to download podcasts, subscriptions to online video games and digital subscriptions to the press.

On the contrary, stationery products, curricular textbooks, whether printed or digital, will not be eligible; computer and electronic equipment, software, hardware and consumables; art supplies; musical instruments; sports and bullfighting shows; fashion and gastronomy. The bonus will also not cover the purchase of products that have been rated X or pornographic.

“We have prioritized certain sectors that we believe are the ones that can contribute the most to creating patterns of cultural consumption and reinforcing others that have been affected by the pandemic,” Minister Miquel Iceta said a few months ago about this initiative from his department.

The text states that the Youth Cultural Voucher will be for exclusive use in establishments or institutions adhering to the program, which provide services in Spain and which, in a professional and habitual manner, carry out activities of sale or provision of cultural products, activities and services.

This initiative, which already works in countries such as France and Italy with good acceptance among their young people, will be compatible with any other subsidy, aid, income or resource from other public administrations.

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