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Negligence prevented the dispatch of the bullet envelopes from being stopped



Correos has opened an investigation into the company to which it is assigned its security, INV Vigilancia, to purge responsibilities for the fact that the controls did not intercept the letters addressed to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to the director of the Guard Civil, María Gámez, and the candidate of Podemos to the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, and that it contained various ammunition. In a letter to which ABC has had access, the head of the Post Office Security Area, Javier Pumares, assures that the images recorded in the Vallecas Automated Treatment Center have been recovered and that, after their analysis, «it is verified thate all three envelopes were postmarked and inspected without the service operator being able to detect them ”.

According to Correos, this circumstance is classified “as a very serious breach” of the technical specifications signed with the company INV Vigilancia, for which “it has decided open a file to that commercial»As section 9.2 has been violated, which states:« The successful tenderer must ensure that the personnel participating in the correspondence inspection services have adequate training in their use, and that their attitude is consistent with the development of the activity”.

“Regardless of the final result that is determined”, Correos has decided not only to open the file, but to communicate to the company “the most severe warning for the breach in which it has been incurred and for the damage to the image, to the prestige and to the good name »of the company. What’s more, request“Immediate withdrawal from service” of the guard that the team was operating because it was “unable to identify the projectiles that were carrying” the three packages directed at Grande-Marlaska, Gámez and Iglesias.

This same afternoon, the general secretaries of the postal sectors of CC.OO., Regino Martín Barco, and UGT, José Manuel Sayagués, had sent a letter to the president of Correos, Juan Manuel Serrano Quintana, in which express their “strangeness” for the arrival at the Ministry of the Interior of the three postal items. In the letter, as ABC has learned, the unions recall that at the time of ETA, “numerous security measures were imposed to prevent a public service like ours from being used for purposes other than its function.”

Detection mechanisms

Among these instruments they cite the investments made in mechanisms for detecting suspicious shipments or the implementation of protocols “throughout the postal network.” All this to prevent “The circulation of objects such as those mentioned”, a goal successfully achieved so far as the security measures implemented “have made it possible to affirm that the postal network is secure.” “Thus, two of the attributes that best identify the Public Postal Service, its safety and reliability, were consolidated.” In addition to their “strangeness”, the unions show their concern about the danger that “entails for the workers and clients of the Post Office” that three postal items such as the aforementioned managed to bypass the company’s security mechanisms and reach their destination without problems .

They ask for an investigation

For this reason, they demand that Serrano Quintana carry out an analysis of the current security protocols to detect failures “in order to improve our systems for detecting shipments that neither can nor should circulate through our network.” Likewise, they ask you to “report on whether the security operations that had been operating until recently have been modified” and that Tell them if “you are going to audit the security processes that are currently in place.” The unions believe that Correos cannot sit idly by in the face of the use of the public company as a vehicle for threats and shipment of dangerous material, but must adopt measures to “detect possible needs that require new investments for the adaptation and improvement of the systems current ».

The letter concludes trusting that the President of the Post Office will respond to the request and inform the workers’ representatives about the «Result of these initiatives» as the “top manager” of the company. The unions believe that only in this way can “the attributes of safety and reliability that have characterized” the company be preserved.

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