Tuesday, June 15

Negotiation of the 2021 Budget: Vox proposes fifty measures and United We can explode against Barcala

Ortolá (Vox) and Barcala (PP), in a recent image

The bipartite of Alicante continues for the second day in a row with round of negotiations with the opposition to approve the 2021 Municipal Budget. After the meetings with the PSOE and Compromís, today it was Vox’s turn. The spokesperson for the ultra formation, Mario Ortolá, has been cited with Councilor for the Treasury, Lidia López, which has again been accompanied by the PP spokesperson, Mari Carmen from Spain. No trace for now of Citizens in negotiations between the bipartisan and the opposition. In the first conversations, Vox has once again demanded from the government team the elimination of budget items in areas such as LGTBI, Cooperation and Equality. In addition, they ask for items so that the Department of Education “inform parents about constitutional rights“and promote courses on”risks of abortion, a measure that had the support of the PP “in a plenary session against the rejection of Cs. In total, Vox has delivered a document with fifty measures, which will continue to be negotiated in the second meeting, scheduled for next Monday. “We have not gotten any sensations because they have not told us anything about the Budget, only that the deficit they expect for public transport will be around 8 million euros. They have spoken to us of general lines, which will focus on social aid, the hotel industry …, but nothing specific “, added Ortolá at the end of the meeting this Thursday.

Those who are still waiting are the representatives of United We Can, the only formation that the bipartisan leader by Luis Barcala has not yet cited, despite being the second in the opposition in number of votes in the last municipal elections. “Although it is customary to contact all the political groups of the City Council in descending order of votes, PP and Cs have left United We, the second opposition force, out of the negotiations, just a few days before the disapproval was debated. initially proposed by the coalition, “they regret from the purple municipal group, which considers” that the constant supervision by the spokesperson and the councilor of United We of the bipartisan errors and the questioning of its city model are the causes of not wanting to negotiate with the municipal group. ” However, United We can add that this situation “should not be a reason to disrespect the more than 12,000 voters of the coalition, excluding the second opposition force from the budget negotiations.”

In this regard, United We can spokesperson, Xavier López, remember that his training “always” has been shown “favorable to dialogueHowever, he warns that his group “is not going to settle for minimum agreements” and that he is committed “to a real transformation of the city” in the face of a term “completely exhausted, without a project for Alicante and lacking proposals.” this, López points out, they have raised the government team “ambitious proposals to reduce existing inequalities in Alicante and promote investments that energize the different neighborhoods of the city. “López maintains that this” refusal to negotiate with United We Can ” [al menos, por ahora, no han sido citados] it is nothing more than “a new tantrum from Barcala that, nervous about the possibility of being disapproved of for his continuous scandals, punishes those who do not support him in his wars against the Botànic and against the coalition government [de Sánchez e Iglesias]”. The spokesman defends that this authoritarian attitude of the mayor” confirms that United We Can is essential in a government that is committed to the social majority of Alicante and that represents an alternative to that of the three rights. ”

After meeting for the first time with the PSOE, Compromís and Vox, the bipartisan has met tomorrow Friday again with the first two groups with whom he had conversations, those led by Sanguino and Bellido. The second appointment with the Ortolá training has been made for Monday. United We, meanwhile, is still waiting.


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