Wednesday, July 28

Neighbors ask Urbanism to stop a work for exceeding the maximum height in a protected building

From the municipal area of ​​Urbanism it was assured yesterday that The work in question has a license approved by the City Council since 2018 to build a recessed attic.

The neighborhood collective has submitted by registration in the City Council a request for these works to be inspected, which consist of a metallic structure in red on the «tower» on the top floor, which exceeds, at first glance, the height limit that is defined in the ordinances of the special protection plan in force.

The former councilor for Urbanism, Miguel Ángel Pavón, has acted along the same lines, to whom the neighborhood association conveyed its concern about the aforementioned excess height works in the old Telefónica building on Avenida de la Constitución, adjacent to the Ideal cinema. “I went to see the works, because they can be seen from the street, and due to the possible non-compliance with the graphic ordinances of the Special Plan of the Traditional Center and I presented a telematic complaint to the City Council on June 13 for exceeding the maximum allowed height”, which is added to the one already registered by the neighbors. In them they ask that the works be inspected, that they be immediately paralyzed and that sanctioning proceedings and restoration of urban legality be initiated. Pavón said yesterday that they have built a second floor over what was built.

Workers working on the metal structure that has alerted the neighbors. | PILAR CORTÉS

Alcázar Moreno, representative of the neighborhood association, points out that, for the moment, the Department of Urbanism has ignored the requests since the crane has continued to work from the street. “These actions seem very negative to us, they have to protect heritage, yes or yes.”

This is not the first time that a similar action has taken place in the central Avenida de la Constitución, where in 2005 a controversial expansion of the former Military Government building was undertaken with the addition of two floors over the historic building. The façade was also completed along Artilleros Street, where part of it was demolished at the beginning of the works. In that case, the aesthetics commission of the Alicante City Council authorized the modification of the volume and the facade of the property for luxury homes, although initially it was planned to locate a hotel.

Aspect of the raised elevation in the old Telefónica building from the street. | PILAR CORTÉS

Right next to the Telefónica building where the controversial roof elevation is built, is the Ideal. In May, the Urban Planning Department lifted the suspension of the license to convert the cinema into a hotel. The bipartisan affirms that this procedure does not imply that the promoter can carry out works. The Consell has yet to determine the elements to be protected in this building.

As for the old Telefónica headquarters, which dates back to 1927, it was closed for 20 years. Its integral structure of reinforced concrete housed the headquarters of the telephone company with a manual switchboard that served the entire province. It has been rehabilitated for offices and homes. The intention of the promoter was to make a sustainable building with a photovoltaic pergola to supply the homes with electricity.

This pergola was designed for the solarium with the aim of electrically supplying homes with 100% renewable energy and reducing CO2 emissions. The controversial property consists of a ground and first floor for commercial use and an office floor, plus a couple of houses.

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