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Neighbors of La Murada report bad odors as 40,000 m3 of leachate accumulates in the landfill

Leachate basin in the Proambiente landfill, on land in the Region of Murcia

Leachate basin in the Proambiente landfill, on land in the Region of Murcia

The huge reservoir that the Region of Murcia built in 2015, when the Proambiente landfill closed and assumed, in a subsidiary manner with the Valencian Community, its maintenance, contains more than 40,000 cubic meters of leachate. Despite the fact that the installation was to be provisional, to dam the toxic liquids accumulated in the different vessels of the landfill during the sealing works, no one dares to predict when it will be dismantled. The Ministry of the Environment of Murcia has only removed a total of 7,000 cubic meters of leachate from this “mega” pond, 15% of its total capacity, which is causing numerous annoyances to the populations near the facility, such as the case of La Murada. Neighbors report that the smells are “unbearable.”

Members of the environmental platform Vertivega and the Euraviro de La Murada Neighbors Association, met a few days ago with the Director of Environmental Quality of the Region of Murcia, Francisco Marín, to whom they transferred the problem suffered by neighbors due to the stench that leaves the leachate pool without emptying and that reaches the houses. «They don’t want to give us a deadline of when they will empty the pond and they have told us that their objective is for the sun itself to act as a purifier to evaporate the water from the leachate, but that is precisely the problem, which, together with the evaporated water, is coming out gases and the residents of La Murada, Los Vives, Los Randeros or Los Carrillos are suffering from very strong and unpleasant smells on a daily basis, sometimes we can’t even breathe ”, denounces Vertivega spokesperson Rafael Torá. These leachates are the result of the decomposition of hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage buried between 1997 and 2013.

The Murcian government budgeted for 2020 a total of 1.4 million euros for restoration and waterproofing work, although, according to environmentalists, not even 1% has been undertaken. The lack of restoration of the landfill in Murcia (which represents 72% of the total installation) came to cause the loss of leachate a year ago, as published by this newspaper, and the subsequent complaint by Seprona, which was transferred to the courts de Cieza, where there is another complaint from Vertivega. Both have served so that the Office of the Environmental Prosecutor of the Region of Murcia has opened an investigation, for an alleged environmental crime, to the Ministry of the Environment, for its alleged inaction in the restoration and sealing of the landfill that belonged to the family of the controversial Oriolano businessman Ángel Fenoll.

Vertivega criticizes that “the measures that are being taken are more to alleviate the bad behaviors that the administrations have had during the more than 15 years of operation of the landfill, than to solve the problems of the neighbors.” According to the Vertivega spokesperson, the Murcia Ministry of the Environment informed them that it has an action plan in place until March with the sealing of a glass, but not in the removal of leachate. “They say they are waiting for the arrival of European funds that have not yet been allocated, but we will not allow them to continue to make us dizzy and the bad smells last for years,” complains Torah, who asks that the raft be sealed until the liquids are removed toxic. Vertivega also assures that this raft was built on a protected area such as LIC. “In the short and medium term we do not see a solution to this nightmare,” he laments.

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