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Neighbors reject the plan to urbanize the Al-Azraq square in Alcoy

The area to be developed goes from the Green Classrooms to the Civil Guard barracks, in the background.

The area to be developed goes from the Green Classrooms to the Civil Guard barracks, in the background.

The Association of Neighbors of the North Zone of Alcoy rejects the urbanization plan of the plaza de Al-Azraq. The entity has presented allegations against the division of three spaces planned by the City Council, the fact that the permanence of the building of the old courts hinders the prolongation of the pedestrian promenade of the Avenida de la Hispanidad and the organization of the parking areas.

The Alcoy City Council, as this newspaper advanced in December, has since the end of 2018 with the urbanization project of the Al-Azraq square. This space covers an area of ​​28,868.90 square meters occupied by free parking, Vocational Training workshops and Road Safety Education circuit, Civil Guard barracks and old courts.

The document proposes the construction of 217 homes on the grounds of the so-called Green Classrooms, as well as 350 underground car parks. The central area, in which the Xitxarra locomotive is located, will be used as public green space, and, now, in the third plot, to the southwest of the sector, educational equipment is projected, although this will depend on the acquisition by part of the administration of the old barracks building. The use that will be given to the old courts is not defined either.

Now, the Neighborhood Association of the North Zone, the neighborhood in which the developable land is located, has presented allegations to the Interior Reform Plan (PRI) raised by the Alcoy consistory. The first one, as detailed by the entity, due to the “dissonance” observed between the document and the results of the participatory process carried out between 2010 and 2012. In this sense, the main element that “shocks” is that three differentiated areas when “there was always talk of a space of continuity with diverse uses spread over the entire surface.”

Another allegation is that “this PRI legitimizes the location of the old courthouse”, which is “an obstacle to prolonging the pedestrian promenade on Avenida de la Hispanidad.” In the same way, the municipal urbanization plan «leaves the entire area of ​​the Guaria Civil barracks unorganized, which, according to our point of view, hinders a coherent planning of the entire space, by leaving out what is the limit perimeter of the action ».

Likewise, the neighborhood association considers that the project, despite having an Environmental Impact Study, “gives excessive prominence to the private car.” As he insists, the proposal “is based on a series of ‘super-islands’ based on the style proposed in Barcelona in recent years. Without taking into account that they are going through a period of reflection and evaluation. With this organization, “what is achieved is to concentrate the car parks in specific points, most of them underground, which can be, he insists, points of concentration of traffic, and therefore accidents, poor air quality …”.

Residents of the area trust that the allegations will be taken into account and “we can have a coherent and participatory plan” for the Al-Azraq square.

The PP requires the local government to agree with residents on the future of the space

The popular ones remember that for two years the residents of the neighborhood worked on the design

The PP wants the Alcoy City Council to resume participation and consensus to define the urbanization of the Plaza de Al-Azraq. The concilor Kiko sang He demands that the municipal government “listen to the residents of the Northern Zone and agree with them on a project, pending since 1989.” Likewise, the mayor regrets that the proposal put forward by the local executive “does not conform to the participation process developed between 2010 and 2012”. It is precisely for this reason, for what he understands “the disappointment of the neighbors, who for two years worked on a design for the square that has not been included in the final project.”

The interior reform of this area, Cantó insists, «has been one of the great pending tasks of Alcoy’s urban planning for 40 years. Trying to plan it now outside the neighbors, without taking their ideas into account, does not make sense.

For all these reasons, he urges the local government to “sit down to work with the neighbors on a consensus project, to think about something more than building houses”, alluding to the 217 that are contemplated in the project, as well as the 350 parking spaces.


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