Thursday, October 28

Neighbors who give life to their neighborhood

The planters, with signs that vindicate the work of the neighbors in the face of municipal passivity

Actions. After the works … came the abandonment. That is the lament of residents of the Cigarreras environment who criticize the Alicante City Council for its neglect in the face of the small green areas created at the crossroads of the area after the recent redevelopment.

The residents of the Carolinas Bajas and El Pla area have not hesitated to get down to work to “give life” to the planters that were placed during the redevelopment of streets around Las Cigarreras, within the Edusi performance that promotes the Alicante City Council. And they do it through a self-proclaimed «gardening guerrilla» in the face of the laziness of the municipal government which, according to critics, has not attended to the numerous instances registered in which they requested the replacement of the plants that were put up after the works and that hardly lasted a few weeks alive. «This neighborhood initiative arises because, a month after finishing the works, the plants were already dead. We notified the City Council, through instances, and they did nothing, they only put up some posts to prevent cars from getting on the sidewalk and stepping on the plants “, explains Sento Oncina, the neighbor responsible for the initiative, who points out that patience it ended after six months: «Then, since they didn’t do anything, we decided to do it ourselves. We, the neighbors, organized ourselves and began to replant the planters closest to the association’s headquarters ». It refers to the neighborhood entity of Carolinas Bajas-Les Palmeretes.

Neighbors of the Carolinas Bajas and El Pla neighborhoods in one of their actions to improve the image of the planters placed after the recent redevelopment works INFORMATION

After half a year, in which they have carried out four actions, residents have already improved the appearance of a dozen spaces around streets such as Poeta Zorrilla and Alcalde Suárez Llanos. We must have about seven more left. And we are very satisfied because people are respecting them and they are participating more and more, they value the work we do in our free time. So that it is known, we have placed some posters vindicating the actions and remembering that we have to do them before the abandonment from the municipal government. The neighbors have colonized the planters, but not because of them we stop demanding that the City Council assume its role, ”he says.

The posters also ask residents to become aware of the care of a neighborhood that is undergoing an urban transformation with the Edusi works, which promote better accessibility. Neighborhoods in which, as the association insists, there is a significant deficit of green areas.

Neighbors of the Carolinas Bajas and El Pla neighborhoods in one of their actions to improve the image of the planters placed after the recent redevelopment works INFORMATION

In the actions of the «gardening guerrilla», species are not planted at random, but rather the neighbors bet on specimens that can endure in a climate like the Mediterranean and in a place that is not very friendly for a green area, as they are located at ground level in street crossings in busy neighborhoods. «We choose resistant plants and we try to make them local and also varied to give it an aesthetic dimension and that they can be pruned so as not to disturb cars. After the work, they only put junipers. We have planted agapanthus, mastic, bouganvilla, dimorphic, bamboo, viburnum, myrtle and teucrium “, explains Sento Oncina, an agricultural engineer with academic training, who emphasizes that the work does not only consist of planting the specimens in the enabled spaces, but also in changing the land of origin: «The substrate they put behind the work is not correct, it kills the plants. In total, between some things and others, we will spend about 300 euros, which we put the neighbors and entities.

From the association they are very satisfied with the initiative and ensure that residents are increasingly aware of the planters. “The City Council must do its part, because it is their job,” they conclude. The next action is scheduled for next January. A Sunday.

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