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Neither toast nor shared dessert

Neither toast nor shared dessert

Neither toast nor shared dessert

No shared toast, entrees or desserts this Christmas. That is, use individual servings – for example, each one has their own plate of olives or hors d’oeuvres – and do not put the cutlery in any common source nor someone else’s plate. Nor to toast with a clash of glasses, because the edges can potentially be contaminated by our saliva. These are just some of the novelties that the celebration of this festival will bring, following the rigorous recommendations of a group of Spanish scientists and experts

Don’t sing, yell, or speak loudly it is another of the most unpopular, but necessary. How to avoid it? Experts propose reducing the noise level, for example, of music so as not to have to raise the tone of voice. Another of the recommendations that seem more difficult, due to our customs is that of “Shorten visiting time.”

A group of twelve Spanish scientists, among whose signatures is the aerosol expert José Luis Jiménez, professor at the University of Colorado in the United States, and the doctor in Neuroscience and professor and researcher at the Methodist Hospital Research Institute in Houston, Sonia Villapol , but also the emergency doctor at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, César Carballo, have been in charge of drawing up the aforementioned guidelines. They are also assigning homework to those who already plan to join a dinner for more than six people: «All those attending the meeting are advised to have a plan of where to keep their mask while they eat and drink. They should keep it in a dry, breathable bag (like a paper or mesh bag) to keep it clean between uses.

The experts’ previous reflection is devastating: «The covid pandemic is being exhausting and it has become devastating for many people. Christmas offers a window of hope to reconnect with family and friends. But to fully enjoy Christmas, we should know how to adapt our plans to reduce the spread of covid-19 and minimize the risk to our family, friends and the community as a whole».

This list contains the hydroalcoholic gel as soon as you enter the house and then wash your hands. They also advise leaving your shoes at the entrance and, of course, avoiding kisses, hugs and direct personal contact. «The meeting place must be ventilated and it is advisable to maintain cross drafts. If ventilation is poor, it is advisable to add a HEPA filter whose air renewal rate is adapted to the measurements of the room »they advise.

Let’s start thinking that the bubbles should be made up of the most important members, leaving no one alone but without “accessory guests.” We must prioritize risk prevention for people who want to be together at parties. They reiterate the importance of not going to other gatherings to continue with more celebrations: “the risk is very high!”, They point out.

The use of CO2 meters in closed environments is also recommended to control the quality of ventilation. As a general rule of thumb, whenever 800 ppm is exceeded, windows should be opened and the room ventilated.

In the same way, they believe that guests who do not belong to the coexistence unit should sit respecting the distance of 1.5 to 2 meters from others.

This Christmas cannot and should not be normal. We have to remember that we are in the midst of a pandemic and we should not try to continue as if nothing was happening. Celebrating the holidays because ‘we have to continue making our lives’ will translate into more hospitalizations and more deaths, especially of our elders, “they say in a particular document signed by scientists in order to achieve (a little more) safe celebrations.

But there are also certain reproaches: «Wanting to save the summer season was what precipitated the early start of the second wave. Let’s not make the same mistake again, “they lament. “The most dangerous situations are meetings without a mask and in closed spaces with people with whom we do not usually live,” they say.

And also perhaps a lesser known fact: “80% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients had vitamin D deficiencies: Strengthening the immune system with foods rich in vitamins can be beneficial,” they indicate.

In the same way, they preach a recognized healthy diet: “Balanced nutrition strengthens the immune system and can help reduce infection, disease progression and improve recovery.”

The document focuses on one of the most consumerist aspects of Christmas: Gift purchases must be online or in advance to avoid crowds. If you want to give a gift, better send them by courier and disinfect them at the reception. If you live in the same city, gift exchanges can be done in open spaces such as parks and between a controlled number of people protected by masks and keeping distances.

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