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Néstor Abad: “I feel better than ever, the secret is not having a comfortable day, going full throttle”

The gymnast from Alcoy, Néstor Abad, won his fifth Spanish champion title in Valladolid.

The gymnast from Alcoy, Néstor Abad, won his fifth Spanish champion title in Valladolid.
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The Alicante-born Néstor Abad already has in his pocket the fifth title of champion of Spain in the men’s complete artistic gymnastics competition by winning at the Pisuerga Sports Center in Valladolid. Abad, a 27-year-old from Alcoy, was the best in three of the six apparatus, rings, parallel and fixed bar, to hang the gold ahead of Thierno Boubacar Diallo and Adrián Vera, second and third on the podium. Thus he adds his fifth national title after those obtained in Cáceres (2015), Guadalajara (2016 and 2018) and Valencia (2019). In the 2017 Spanish Championships he could not compete due to injury.

Five titles of champion of Spain. Did you expect to reach that figure at the age of 27?

The truth is that I had never thought of getting so many titles, I am focused on improving day by day and I hardly think about it. It is a surprise to be up so many years, I did not expect it to be so successful.

Everything went perfect in Valladolid …

Everything turned out very well, better than I expected. I’m very happy. I did have some little problem in some exercise but in general everything worked out very well and I was able to get the title.

With the pandemic the number of competitions have been reduced …

Yes; this has been the second competition in which I have participated after confinement. The first was in a Bundesliga test.

Have you noticed the lack of evidence physically?

More than the lack of competition, what I have noticed has been the lack of training. But despite that we all competed very well in general. We have found ourselves very well and it is to be very satisfied.

Were the months of confinement very hard?

Yes; all I could do was train at home with my children until everything was sorted out a bit and they could train at the high performance center.

Next target?

Next week I have the Bundesliga final but what really motivates me is the World Cup dispute that begins in February and there I am interested in being at the top. It is a way of training well for the Games and getting closer to what I really want in gymnastics.

Did the suspension of the Games upset your plans a lot?

The truth is that yes, but it is already more than overcome and I feel better than I expected and I am improving my gymnastics. I am very optimistic about everything right now.

Are you already thinking of Tokyo 2021?

There are still many months left and I still don’t have it in mind. Now I am focused on trying to improve some things in my gymnastics and little by little I am getting into one hundred percent shape. Now is the time to fully focus on the Tokyo Games. There are still many months to go.

It gives peace of mind to already have the passport for the Olympic event …

That helps you focus one hundred percent for preparation.

Gone are the injuries …

For the moment they are far away and we hope that I do not remember them for a long time.

27 years old and it seems that he has gasoline for much longer …

The truth is that I am better than ever. I am older but in good health and physical strength. I’m very happy.

Two Olympic Games and five Spanish champion titles. Big words…

Things are going well for me, but I just think about continuing to improve.

How do you see the level of Spanish gymnastics?

Very good, we are all very focused and working to improve. We are young people but we are giving the size and the top. I am the second oldest on the team.

Have you ever dreamed of being among the first in Tokyo 2021?

The truth is that it is one of my intentions and for what I will fight. The main thing is always to improve my gymnastics and the results will come. There are no more mysteries. If I want to be up there I have to improve. There are no secrets here.

Do you still have a lot of room for improvement?

Of course. I work day by day for it. You can’t have any comfortable days. It takes a lot of dedication and dedication.

Can you imagine reaching what you have reached when you were little and started in gymnastics?

To be honest, my intention has always been to be at the top, but I couldn’t imagine that I was going to play two Olympic Games or win so many Spanish championships.

Did you ever think about throwing in the towel when you had surgery?

I saw it pretty screwed up, really, but it was what I wanted to do and I wasn’t going to retire. Gymnastics is my life.

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