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Netanyahu agitates accusations of electoral fraud before the formation of an alternative government | International

Clockwise: Avigdor Lieberman, (first from left), Yair Lapid, Naftali Bennett, Gideon Saar, Mansur Abbas, Merav Michaeli, Benny Gantz and Nitzan Horowitz, at the first meeting of the new Israeli coalition, Sunday in Tel Aviv.
Clockwise: Avigdor Lieberman, (first from left), Yair Lapid, Naftali Bennett, Gideon Saar, Mansur Abbas, Merav Michaeli, Benny Gantz and Nitzan Horowitz, at the first meeting of the new Israeli coalition, Sunday in Tel Aviv.DPA via Europa Press / Europa Press

The leader who aspires to be elected prime minister of Israel in the next few days, the ultra-nationalist Naftali Bennett, appealed on Sunday to Benjamin Netanyahu to facilitate the transition and unblock the replacement in power. The still acting head of government after 12 years in office had affirmed hours before that the eight-party pact to deprive him of control of the Executive was the result of “the largest electoral fraud in the history of the country,” for incorporating votes from political parties. the right to a center-left coalition with Arab political support.

“We are witnessing the greatest electoral disappointment in the history of the state,” Netanyahu thundered in the Knesset (Parliament) at a meeting of the deputies of Likud, his party. “Many people believe, and with good reason, that they have been deceived,” argued the acting prime minister to condemn the transfer of votes from the right-wing bloc that he leads, “to a dangerous leftist government, backed by those who support terrorism. [en alusión a los diputados árabes]”. Bennett, head of the list of the Yamina (nationalist) party, promised not to agree with the center-left in the campaign for the March 23 elections.

After four legislative elections in just two years, Netanyahu’s alliance with ultra-Orthodox Jews and the religious extreme right had, however, failed to forge the required 61-vote majority in a 120-seat Knesset and in early May failed in the attempt. to form an Executive.

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His rival at the polls and leader of the second most voted party, the centrist Yair Lapid, managed last Wednesday to get seven other political forces – from the center, right, and left, and a small formation of the Arab minority – to sign a legislative agreement . For this he had to give Bennett the preference when he holds the office of prime minister, a position in which both will take turns in two years.

“Israel is not a monarchy and no one has a monopoly on power; let him continue and allow Israel to advance ”, was the message directed by Bennett to Netanyahu after the first meeting he held with the leaders of the coalition parties after the signing of the government pact. “Nobody has a monopoly on power,” he warned.

In the absence of the Parliament setting the final date this Monday, political analysts see it feasible that the investiture session can be held tomorrow, although the president of the Knesset, Yariv Lavin, a member of Likud, has the legal power to postpone the vote. one week, until the 14th. In this way, Netanyahu supporters hope to have time to convince some of his former allies to return to the discipline of the conservative bloc.

At least one Yamina MP has already expressed doubts about his support for a pact with left-wing forces and the Arab minority. With a scraped majority of 61 seats, the flight of one or more defectors would jeopardize the operation to bring down Netanyahu, and would open the way for the fifth elections since 2019.

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Faced with a scene of violence in the Knesset

“No one can impose silence on the answer they want to give [los votantes de la derecha] to their disappointment, “Netanyahu warned at the meeting of his parliamentary group. “And if that government of capitulation and fraud is formed, we will overthrow it quickly,” he announced.

Israel’s security services are considering how to counteract a possible scenario of political violence in the event that radical groups try to revive events such as those that occurred on January 6 in Washington at the Knesset headquarters in Jerusalem, according to what they reveal. reports handled by security and defense correspondents of the Hebrew press. The assault on the Capitol consummated on that date by supporters of Republican Donald Trump tried by force to prevent the United States Congress from ratifying the election as president of Democrat Joe Biden.

Netanyahu has so far not resorted to inflammatory proclamations like those of his close ally in the White House – “we will walk to the Capitol!” Trump harangued – but he has launched messages that cast shadows on the legitimacy of the new government of broad coalition.

In a climate of tension, prominent rabbis linked to the extreme right have launched a manifesto addressed to their followers to “prevent by all means” the formation of an alternative government.

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