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Netflix against the king | Today

Private photograph given by the Dukes of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, to the Netflix series. / efe

Prince Harry warns that the Royal Family “plays dirty” to announce the broadcast of a television series about Meghan and him

“Nobody knows the whole truth. Only we know the whole truth.” That sentence from Prince Harry concludes the second advance that Netflix has published for the television series ‘Harry & Meghan’. There are six hours of the biographical documentary genre that will be broadcast in two parts, the first Thursday morning and the second, on December 15. It is the first episode of a saga that may affect the newly released reign of Carlos III.

The second trailer recalls the fairy tale of their marriage and their wedding, and how things went wrong. Enrique explains that in the Royal House there is a hierarchy. That not only news is leaked to the press, but also the publication of articles that harm some members to benefit others is favored; that is, Enrique and Meghan were victims; Guillermo and Catalina, flattered.

“It’s a dirty game,” says Enrique. It was “a war against Meghan that suited other family members,” says a lawyer, Jenny Afia, a privacy and reputation specialist. Christopher Bouzy, founder of the company Bot Sentinel, whose ‘app’ identifies accounts on social networks that are not genuine, is concise. The whole thing “is about hate, about racism.”

Netflix has become a source of subversion of the British monarchy. The first four seasons of ‘The Crown’ captivated more than seventy million viewers around the world, according to data published in January by the platform. Most enjoyed the content that, as with historical novels, is more innocent the more remote the facts are.

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“Nobody knows the whole truth. Only we know the whole truth”, says the son of Carlos III in the advance of the series

But the fifth series, released in November, narrates the events of the ‘annus horribilis’ of the late Queen Elizabeth II, the breakdown of three marriages of the children of Elizabeth and Philip, and in particular the great commotion that caused the tear between the then Prince Charles and the Princess of Wales. Prime Ministers such as John Major and Tony Blair expressed their outrage at the lack of veracity of the series.

Much of the British media criticizes Netflix for presenting a fictitious version of recent events, which could damage the public’s perception of the new king. A survey by the firm YouGov at the end of November recorded that Diana is, twenty-five years after her death, more popular than all the members of the family, except for William, Catherine and Anne, and more popular than the institution of the monarchy. .

Christmas carols and morbid

His second son, Enrique, now enters the scene and points to “the pain and suffering suffered by women who marry members of this institution.” He insists that he was terribly afraid that his wife, Meghan, would suffer the same fate as her mother. Including a death caused by the siege of press photographers or dark conspiracies.

The Royal House has announced that the king, Carlos III; the queen consort, Camila; and the princes of Wales, William and Catherine; They will also go on the 15th, coinciding with the broadcast of the second part of ‘Harry & Meghan’, at Westminster Abbey, for a televised celebration of “unity at Christmas”, around the singing of Christmas carols.

On Tuesday night, Harry and Meghan received an award in New York, ‘The Wave of Hope’, from the Robert Kennedy Foundation, along with managers of large banks and financial funds, and the President of Ukraine, Vlodomir Zelensky. At the same time, Sofia, Countess of Wessex, received another award, from Hillary Clinton’s foundation, for her campaign against sexual violence in war.

The prize for the dissident couple of the British monarchy will give more popularity in the United States to the two members of the Royal Family who cause the most rejection among the British population, with the exception of Prince Andrew. And on Thursday comes the first part of the series. And then the second. And in January Enrique’s memories.

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