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Netflix premieres in May 2022: 69 original series, movies and documentaries

Last week was intense for Netflix, and the platform now has the opportunity to make up for it with one of the most anticipated releases of the year: the start of the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’. The long-awaited return of its star series is accompanied by a good assortment of horror movies, a documentary on cybercrime in Korea and many other new features.

Catalog of new series in Spain

‘Love, Death + Robots’ Vol. 3

The sophisticated futuristic animated series by David Fincher and Tim Miller has not yet shown images of its new season, nor has it even confirmed how many episodes it will comprise. What is known is that its episodes will maintain the adult animation tone of the first two seasons, with very different visions of the future, and that ‘The Three Robots’ (perhaps the best-known episode of the series) and some another old acquaintance from previous years will be in this third batch of chapters.

Stranger Things Season 4

Netflix’s undisputed big premiere of the month (and along with the second part of this fourth season, perhaps of the entire year) is the return of its most powerful franchise after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. This time the children have already become teenagers, but the past is not completely behind them: divided between those who have stayed in the town and those who have gone to study abroad, they will have to join forces again to face an evil whose roots go back decades in time.

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All Netflix series in May

  • ‘Arpo’ (05/01)
  • ‘The Marginal’ S5 (05/04)
  • ‘Three meters above the sky – The series’ S3 (05/04)
  • ‘Clark’ (05/05)
  • ‘The Pentavirate’ (05/05)
  • ‘Blood sisters’ (05/05)
  • ‘Welcome to Eden’ (05/06)
  • ‘The sound of magic’ (05/06)
  • ’42 days in the dark’ (05/11)
  • ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ (05/13)
  • ‘New goals’ (05/13)
  • ‘A vampire in the garden’ (05/16)
  • ‘The future diary’ S2 (05/17)
  • ‘Who killed Sarah?’ S3 (05/18)
  • ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Vol. 3 (05/20)
  • ‘Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045’ Q3 (05/23)
  • ‘Stranger Things’ (05/27)

Don't cry because one of the best movies of recent times leaves Netflix, smile because it's still on HBO Max

Premiere movies on Netflix

‘Bill and Ted save the universe’

Two deliveries that today are legend of the 90s comedy are the precedents of this film that, a couple of years ago, marked the return of the two best friends in the universe, Bill and Ted, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves. Here they propose a sequel in which time seems to have stood still and which is a charming tribute to more innocent times. This time they will have the help of their two daughters, Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving.


The franchise with which John Carpenter established the figure of the modern psycho-killer, ‘Halloween Night’, received an unexpected revitalization in 2018 with this direct sequel in which the final girl original, Jamie Lee Curtis, and took the impassive killer in the mask of Captain Kirk back to his wildest days. The success was so sudden that it led to an almost immediate sequel and another that is currently being prepared. For now, this month we can enjoy the first of the three.

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Premiere on May 16

All Netflix movies in May

  • ‘Bill and Ted save the universe’ (05/01)
  • ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (05/01)
  • ‘In the name of the father’ (05/01)
  • ‘The Sun Is Also a Star’ (05/01)
  • ‘We married? Yes, my love’ (03/05)
  • ‘Showtime, 1958’ (05/03)
  • ‘Forties’ (05/06)
  • ‘Let yourself go’ (05/06)
  • ‘Thar’ (05/06)
  • ‘Incompatible 2’ (05/06)
  • ‘Haunting at the Rectory’ (05/07)
  • ‘The Amityville Theater’ (05/07)
  • ‘Bunker Project 12’ (05/07)
  • ‘Pirate Hunting’ (05/07)
  • ‘Robert’ (05/07)
  • ‘Show Dancer’ (05/07)
  • ‘Conjuring the Dead’ (05/07)
  • ‘Theater of Fear aka Midnight Horror Show’ (05/07)
  • ‘The Last House on Cemetery Lane’ (05/07)
  • ‘Laia’ (05/08)
  • ‘Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Sustainable Warfare’ (05/09)
  • ‘Captive Nation’ (05/09)
  • ‘The master of leaks’ (05/11)
  • ‘Back to school’ (05/13)
  • ‘Curse of the Witching Tree’ (05/14)
  • ‘The time of the monsters’ (05/14)
  • ‘Bellezonism’ (05/14)
  • ‘Ana by day’ (05/14)
  • ‘Halloween’ (05/16)
  • ‘The Game’ (05/16)
  • ‘In Tuscany’ (05/18)
  • ‘As for which’ (05/19)
  • ‘The perfect family’ (05/20)
  • ‘Jackass 4.5’ (05/20)

Netflix as a symptom: subscription fatigue levels up

Documentaries and comedy specials on Netflix

‘Cyberhell. The investigation that uncovered the horror

A creepy documentary that reviews a terrible case of extortion of dozens of minors with pornographic material obtained through chat rooms. The investigation takes place in Korea, which gives the crime and its protagonists an intriguing halo of extraordinary mystery, which is thoroughly examined in this film.

All Netflix documentaries and comedy specials in May

  • ‘The trial of Adolf Eichmann’ (05/01)
  • ‘Hold your breath – Immersion under the ice’ (05/03)
  • ‘The Circle’ S4 (05/04)
  • ‘Nuclear accident’ (05/04)
  • ‘Little savages’ (05/05)
  • ‘Elon Musk – The Real Life Iron Man’ (05/07)
  • ‘I’m in Love with My Car’ (05/07)
  • ‘You Will Not Have My Hate’ (05/07)
  • ‘Själö – Island of Souls’ (05/07)
  • ‘Leaving Africa’ (05/07)
  • ‘Reflections’ (05/07)
  • ‘Wood Industry – A Business Against Nature’ (05/07)
  • ‘Christina P – Mom Genes’ (05/08)
  • ‘Our father’ (05/11)
  • ‘The empire of ostentation’ S2 (05/13)
  • ‘Cyberhell. The investigation that uncovered the horror’ (05/18)
  • ‘The photographer and the postman (The crime of Cabezas)’ (05/19)
  • ‘Insiders’ Season 2 (05/19)
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