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Netflix raises its bet in Spain with the announcement of six new projects | TV

Netflix’s production machinery doesn’t stop. In a presentation to the media held this Thursday in Madrid, the platform reviewed the most powerful international premieres that will arrive in the coming months, from the second season of The Witcher in December until the fourth installment of Stranger Things O Inventing Anna, the new production of Shonda Rhimes, for which we will have to wait until 2022. But the real objective of the meeting was to take advantage of the amount of national production that the company has underway.

Among those projects, the six novelties stand out, two fiction series, two films and two non-fiction productions, of which they have given the first details. The silence will be the new miniseries created by Aitor Galindo, responsible for titles such as Homeland O Live without permission, and of which it has not been detailed more that it will be a thriller. Smiley (whose title is provisional) will adapt the homonymous play by Guillem Clua. They also have two new movies in the works. Patxi Amezcua will be the director of Infiesto (provisional title), with Isak Férriz and Iria del Río as protagonists of a story that begins on the first day of confinement in Spain, when two inspectors are called to a small mining town where a young woman has appeared who had been left for dead for months. For its part, Nowhere (also with a title pending confirmation) will be directed by Albert Pintó and starring Anna Castillo. Its plot takes place in the near future in which a young pregnant woman escapes from a country at war hidden in a container on a freighter. After giving birth and adrift, she will have to fight to survive and save the girl.

In the field of non-fiction, the premiere of Where is Martha?, a docuseries directed by Paula Cons that premieres on November 5 and analyzes, 12 years later, the case of Marta del Castillo and the context in which her disappearance occurred. And, to continue with the platform’s commitment to reality television with a Spanish invoice, the recent premiere of Insiders and the next release (November 11) of Love with surety Netflix will add in a few months Who likes my follower?, a dating show hosted by Luján Argüelles with the participation of Jedet, Aroyitt and Jonan Wiergo.

Ana Tomeno and Carla Campra, in an image from 'Fair: the darkest light'.
Ana Tomeno and Carla Campra, in an image from ‘Fair: the darkest light’.SOPHIE KOEHLER/NETFLIX (SOPHIE KOEHLER/NETFLIX)

The platform has also taken the opportunity to review the list of Spanish titles that are pending release. Among them are global hits such as The Money Heist, with its last chapters in December, or Elite, which has confirmed the launch of the production of its sixth season before, in 2022, the fifth is released. In addition, in December new chapters of Elite: Short Stories, some deliveries that will have by subtitle Holidays Edition and that will be set during the Christmas holidays. The romantic comedy will also have a third and final batch of chapters Valeria. Among the premieres, the launch in January Fair: the darkest light and, throughout 2022, Alma and Welcome to Eden, all of them with a supernatural touch. On Up to the sky, Daniel Calparsoro directs and Jorge Guerricaechevarría writes the adaptation to the serial format of the feature film of the same title of the first. Luis Tosar, Asia Ortega and Álvaro Rico lead its cast. It is also known who will be the protagonist of the series that will adapt Javier Castillo’s novel The snow girl. Milena Smit (Parallel mothers) will lead the cast of this story that moves from New York to Malaga and whose starting point is the disappearance of a girl during the Three Kings parade.

In the Spanish films that Netflix prepares there are also news. The brothers Álex and David Pastor prepare an extension of the universe of the feature film Blindly, which in 2018 starred Sandra Bullock. Mario Casas, Georgina Campbell and Diego Calva lead the cast of this production that begins filming in the coming weeks. On February 4 it will be released Through my window, based on the international literary phenomenon written by Ariana Godoy, and in spring 2022 it will premiere Mother’s Love, comedy directed by Paco Cabalero and starring Carmen Machi and Quim Gutiérrez.

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