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Netflix: The keys to the third and final season of ‘Luis Miguel: the series’

Still from the third season of 'Luis Miguel: the series'
Still from the third season of ‘Luis Miguel: the series’Camila Jurado/NETFLIX

Luis Miguel: the series comes to an end. The third and final installment of the Netflix series addresses the darkest time of the singer’s life, when he faced financial problems and a professional crisis that almost ended more than three decades of history. Here is a review of some of the passages that will be addressed throughout six chapters, in which, as in previous seasons, it is played with two timelines: the first, in the mid-nineties, just after participating in the concert for the 80th anniversary of Frank Sinatra – the interpreter was the only Latin American artist invited to the gala – and the second in 2017, the year in which an increasingly irritated, haggard and overweight Luis Miguel must deal with debts, lawsuits for plagiarism, canceled concerts and failed presentations at fairs and palenques in Mexico.

The ups and downs of his romance with Mariah Carey

Although the courtship between the Mexican star and the US diva arose in the icy mountains of Aspen, it was one of the most intense relationships in El Sol. The relationship began in the mid-1990s. Although initially the interpreter of All I want for Christmas is you He was distant, Luis Miguel was gaining their appreciation at the end of evenings in exclusive restaurants and expensive gifts such as an exclusive red piano that he sent to his mansion in Los Angeles. The collision of the celebrities even led to a duet, but the differences of the couple frustrated the project. At the time it was one of the most publicized relationships in the gossip magazines, however, the complicated schedules of both and the numerous rumors of infidelities and fleeting romances ended up putting an end to their romance in 2001.

The estrangement with his brother Sergio Basteri

Another of the episodes explored in this version authorized by the singer himself is the distant relationship he has with his 14-year-old younger brother, Sergio. The youngest of the Gallego Basteri family has lived away from the spotlight. After the death of Luis Rey and after spending a season with his relatives in Spain, the singer took over Sergio leaving him in the care of one of his closest collaborators, Dr. Octavio Foncerrada, the family doctor. Although El Sol took care of their living and school expenses, the series accounts for the almost non-existent communication between them due to Micky’s recurring absences. In this third season, the series offers some glimpses of this estrangement and how their relationship became increasingly complicated as the youngest of the Gallego Basteri brothers came of age while an increasingly irritated Luis Miguel He was beginning to question the expense and distant demeanor of his brother.

The lawsuit of his former representative William Brockhaus and his financial debacle

In 2016, Luis Miguel was forced to step on the courts of California, United States, after losing a lawsuit against his former representative William Brockhaus for breach of his contract and for the payment of 10% of the profits of the singer’s performances of all one year. Who was a friend of the singer before being his manager demanded the payment of more than 1.4 million dollars as compensation. The Netflix series reports that the interpreter neglected both his legal affairs and his career while going through one of his worst streaks on a personal level at his home in Beverly Hills.

At that time, the international press published numerous articles on the “sunset of the Sun”. Burdened by multiple debts and millionaire lawsuits for canceled concerts, the artist, who in just decades before had performed a dozen consecutive concerts at the National Auditorium in Mexico City with a full house and performances at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, had to accept the presentations at fairs and palenques to escape bankruptcy. However, these local presentations, in states such as Aguascalientes, Jalisco or Veracruz, did not always turn out well: on more than one occasion, the public complained about the performance of a Luis Miguel in an evident state of drunkenness, with a limited repertoire and that he preferred make the audience sing before singing his songs.

Miguel Alemán Magnani, friend and producer of his series

Mexican businessman Miguel Alemán Magnani will play an important role in this last season. The friendship between the grandson of former Mexican president Miguel Alemán Valdés and the interpreter of How is it possible that by my side It was forged on club nights in Acapulco and continued through the decades, however, it is in the singer’s adult stage that he is seen as one of the few friends by his side. The former president of Interjet, currently in search and capture for tax fraud, is portrayed in the series as a fundamental piece for the revival of the singer in the middle of the financial crisis and one of the architects of the project with Netflix.

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