Friday, February 23

Netflix will charge an additional amount to those who share your account

The streaming platform Netflix has reported in a statement on its website that will charge a additional amount To them users sharing credentials of your account with people living outside the home.

Behind the recent Netflix fee hike -an action that the consumer organization Facua has already denounced- the platform now intends to end what it started a year ago: a system to prevent the service from being shared massively.

This change will be applied on a trial basis no deadline in Chile and Costa Rica. The members of Netflix can add up to two subaccounts from people you don’t live with, each with their own profile, personalized recommendations, and their own separate username and password. The approximate surcharge on Chile will be 2,380 Chilean pesos (about 2.70 euros) and in Costa Rica It will be around 2 euros per extra user.

half invoices

From the company they assure that they will study the viability of this new strategy in these countries before making changes at a global level, but it is not a decision that catches by surprise. Since last year the company has started testing different ideas to try to deter users that they share accounts with other family members and friends.

The measure is about Put a brake on to those profiles people who do not pay directly for their subscription but, they enjoy it from another address different from the one to which the account is linked and they pay the bill in half with the owner.

In the event that the platform detects that an account is being accessed from outside the home, it will require the user to enter a Verification code to validate the login.

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Of course, members of the basic, standard or ‘premium’ plan will be able to share their profile information, the list of their saved titles or the recommendations to another new account, but only in exchange for additional subscription.

222 million subscribers

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Netflix has 222 million subscribers scattered around the world, but the number of new users and the growth curve has moderated in recent months, so the company tries to find new formulas to obtain benefits.

Recently, the platform also raised the price of its services in countries such as United States or Canada. In Spain it already did so last October: one euro was increased from the ‘Standard Plan’ and two euros of the ‘Premium Plan’.

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