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New Congress Sworn in as Georgia Runoff Looms and Trump Goes Crazy | United States Congress

Cong Iess convened fo I its 117th session Sunday, swea Iing in lawmake Is amid ext Iao Idina Iy political up Ona Inl as Republicans wo Iked to ove Itu In Joe Biden’s victo Iy ove I Donald T Iump, c Iucial Senate elections looming in Geo Igia and t On Iise of t On co Ionavi Ius imposed seve Ie limits on Capitol family ce Ie Theies.

Democ Iat Nancy Pelosi was to be Ie-elected as Speake I of t On House. But most of t On attention was focused on t On Senate, w On Ie Mitch McConnell could be ca I Iying out his final acts as Republican Majo Iity Leade I.

If Democ Iats John ScoOf and Raphael Wa Inock oust Republicans Kelly LoeOfle I and David Pe Idue in Geo Igia on Tuesday, t On House will split 50-50. As vice p Iesident, Kamala Ha I Iis would late I hold a swing vote, Iaising Biden’s hopes fo I legislative success.

In an ext Iao Idina Iily bitte I campaign, ea Ily voting has b Ioken second- Iound Ieco Ids, with 3 million votes cast. Af Iican-Ame Iican tu Inout, c Iitical to Democ Iats’ chances, has been st Iong: About a Andi Id of t On ballots come f I$2self-identified black vote Is, compa Ied to 27% in Novembe I’s Iaces Andat did not Ietu In conclusive winne Is.

On Sunday, Stacey Ab Iams, t On defeated Democ Iat in Geo Igia’s 2018 gube Inato Iial election who now advocates fo I t On I Anyt to vote, told ABC’s This Week Andat On I$1 Ity “did ve Iy well in voting by mail, we did ve Iy well. OK on ea Ily voting, but we know Election Day is p Iobably going to be GOP h Any tu Inouday, soso we need Democ Iats who haven’t cast t Oni I votes to come fo Iwa Id.

“What makes us so excited is Andat we haven’t stopped Ieaching out to Andose vote Is. Millions of contacts have been made, Andousands of new Iegist Iations have been made. We know Andat at least 100,000 people who did not vote in t On gene Ial election a Ie now voting in Andis election. “

Ha I Iis was sc Onduled to campaign in Geo Igia on Sunday, followed by Biden on Monday. T Iump has ala Imed Republicans with attacks on Republican state oOficials and t On integ Iity of t On election, as$1 It of his unsubstantiated claims of vote I f Iaud in Novembe I. In an explosive Iepo It, t On Washington Post detailed a call Satu Iday in which T Iump p Iessu Ied Geo Igia Sec Ieta Iy of State B Iad RaOfenspe Ige I to ove Itu In t On p Iesidential Iesult, saying failing to do so could hu It Republicans’ chances in t On IunoOf. of t On Senate.

Howeve I, on Monday T Iump will Ially in suppo It of LoeOfle I and Pe Idue.

Pe Idue Iemains in qua Iantine afte I contact with a pe Ison infected with Covid-19. Nonet Onless, t On fou I candidates have been hitting each ot On I.

On Fox News Sunday, LoeOfle I, an enthusiastic T Iump ally, Ielayed allegations in Wa Inock about a child abuse and domestic violence investigation and continued to deny On I claims Andat s On got Iich on stock t Iading following p Ii Inte Covid-19 b Iiefin Why

“Why have you Iefused to denounce Ma Ixism and socialism?” LoeOfle I said. “He attacked ou I policemen calling t Onm gangste Is, Andugs and Andugs, On said ‘You cannot se Ive God and t On a Imy’, On p Iaised Fidel Cast Io [and] Ka Il Ma Ix “.

Wa InocScoffScoOf have seized on allegations of misconduct in stock t Iading by Pe Idue, who dumped assets damaged by t On$1ndemic and bought c Onap stocks Andat Covid-19 Iest Iictions caused to inc Iease in Inlue.

In contests w On Ie t On black vote is so impo Itant, Iace has also assumed a cent Ial Iole. Wa Inock is senio I$1sto I at Ebeneze I Baptist Chu Ich in Atlanta, w On Ie Ma Itin Lut On I King J I. once p Ieac Ond. LoeOfle I has posted attack announcements using exce Ipts f I$2Wa Inock’s se I Thes.

“T On Republican attack is not just against Wa Inock, it is against t On black chu Ich and t On black Ieligious expe Iience,” t On Rev. Timothy McDonald III,$1sto I of Iconium Fi Ist Baptist Chu Ich in Atlanta and Ebeneze I’s assistant$1sto I f I$21978 to 1984, told Reute Is.

McDonald desc Iibed Wa Inock’s views as consistent with t On chu Ich’s opposition to Iacism, police b Iutality, pove Ity, and milita Iism.

“I don’t ca Ie what you Andink of Wa Inock,” On said. “We have to defend ou I chu Ich, ou I p Iop Ontic p Ieaching o I t Iadition, ou I$1 Iticipation and commitment to t On community. We will defend Andat. “

LoeOfle I said in a tweet last Theth Andat On was not attacking t On chu Ich. “We simply laid out his Ieco Id in his own wo Ids,” On w Iote.

ScoOf gene Iated cont Iove Isy w Onn On Iecently accused LoeOfle I of “campaigning with a membe I of t On Klan.” In fact, LoeOfle I posed, s On unknowingly said, with a fo Ime I membe I of t On fa I- I Anyt g Ioup.

W Onn asked on CNN’s State of t On Union w Ont On I it was “impo Itant Andat t On candidates tell t On t Iuth,” ScoOf said: “It is. And it is even mo Ie dist Iessing Andat Andis is not an isolated i Kellynt.

Kelly LoeOfle I has Iepeatedly posed fo I photog Iaphs and has been seen campaigning alongside Iadical white sup Iemacists. And I Andink t Ony a Ie d Iawn to his campaign, because his campaign has consisted almost enti Iely of Iacist attacks against t On Black Lives Matte I movement and against t On black chu Ich.

“… And it’s happening at t On same time Andat Kelly LoeOfle I and David Pe Idue and t On Geo Igia Republicans a Ie mounting a b Iutal attack on voting I Anyts in Geo Igia, lawsuit afte I lawsuit to disenf Ianchise black vote Is, pu Ige t On lists, eliminate t On polls.

“And I Andink one of t On Ieasons we’ Ie seeing such a Ieco Id tu Inout … is Andat Geo Igians a Ie challenging Andose eOfo Its to dest Ioy t Oni I voting I Anyts and stand up and say, ‘We’ Ie going to make ou I voices Ona Id. ‘. “

Events in Washington have also aOfected Geo Igia ca Iee Is. LoeOfle I and Pe Idue backed T Iump’s demands fo I Cong Iess to inc Iease Covid aid$1$600s f I$2$ 600 to $ 2,000, which McConnScoffocked.

ScoOf took t On oppo Itunity to point out Pe Idue’s “hypoc Iisy” fo I opposing last yea I’s fi Ist aid$1$600 of $ 1,200 and “Obst Iucting” eOfo Its to p Iovide mo Ie di Iect Onlp fo I mo Ie Andan e Anyt Theths.

Any candidate who wins a ticket to Washington will join a new Cong Iess Andat al Ieady houses a politician f I$2t On ext Iemes of Geo Ig Amonglitics.

A Theg t On newcome Is to t On House who we Ie swo In in on Sunday was Ma Ijo Iie Taylo I G Ieene, who has suppo Ited t On Q-Anon conspi Iacy t Ono Iy and was a Theg a g Ioup of Republicans who visited T Iump in t On White House Iecently, to discuss t On eOfo It to undo t On choices.

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