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New COVID-19 mutation could be generated at the Tokyo Olympics

The start of the games is scheduled for July 23.

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In Tokyo you would miss a Huge amount of money if the Olympics are canceled, this seems to be the reason why the order to start with the event is kept. However, this would mean a huge global risk. Thousands of athletes will compete and after their participation rthey will return to their countries. Japanese experts assure that the event may arise a new strain of COVID-19.

The National Union of Japanese Physicians, vehemently demanded the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics. The union alleged that with the event, world security is once again endangered before the emergence of a mutation, even more dangerous, of the Coronavirus.

We cannot allow the potential emergence of another more dangerous mutation resulting from the Olympic Games“Said the president of the union, Naoto Ueyama, within the framework of a press conference held in Tokyo.

Ueyama explained that a new convergence of viruses may emerge, as happened in the India, Brazil and the United Kingdom. However, this new version could “affect how well vaccines work or make children seriously ill. It will not be a problem for Japan, but for the whole world”.

It is worth mentioning that if this were to happen and the focus of contagion is among the athletes, it will mean a serious problem for the nations that have to receive their delegations once their participation ends.

The union president criticized the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Japanese government of “underestimate risk and put vaccination campaigns at risk” Worldwide. “The vaccine is not a cure and we have seen that other variants are spreading in countries that adopted stricter measures, such as Taiwan or Vietnam,” he said.

Finally, Ueyama ended his speech by explaining that during the Olympic Games the context will be ideal for COVID-19 to spread massively and its variants. “Such a dangerous concentration has not been seen (…) An interesting experiment from a scientific point of view, but it can involve the sacrifice of people”, He concluded.

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